Top 10 Synth Riffs on BBC 6 Music

6 Music's predictable but enjoyable romp through the electropop archives.      01/12/06

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BBC's DAB station 6 Music celebrated 25 years of synth pop with a Top 10 Synth Riffs show introduced by the lead singer of OMD, Andy McClusky. Somewhat confusingly the show kicked off with 'Atmosphere' by Joy Division and OMD's 'Souvenir', two of McCluskys choices, before starting the countdown at number 10 with Kraftwerk's 'The Model'. Kraftwerk clocked up two entries with 'Trans Euro Express' also checking in at number 6. Embarrassingly for 6 Music the little known Denmark band Naked Lunch stormed in at number 8 with a sub-Visagian track 'La Femme' due to finger numbing multi voting from (probably) Naked Lunch or at best family members! Daft Punk were a breath of fresh air in an otherwise 80s anchored chart with 'Da Funk' at number 5 and the unsung hero of synth pop John Foxx made a respectable number 4 with 'Underpass'. McClusky commented that scoucer weirdos A Flock Of Seagulls were ridiculed for not being Eric's bands like the rest of the Liverpool electro scene and then went on to have massive success in America with the number 2 song 'Wishing'. Gary Numan had two entries with 'Metal' at number 7 and the single that was top of the pile in 6 Musics Synth Riff chart, 'Are Friends Electric'. This show capped a week of electronica programming from BBC 6 Music. All the programmes can be downloaded via the Listen Again link on the BBC 6 Music website. Top 10 Synth Riffs (according to 6 Music listeners) 10. Kraftwerk - The Model
9. Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
8. Naked Lunch - La Femme
7. Gary Numan - Metal
6. Kraftwerk - Trans Euro Express
5. Daft Punk - Da Funk
4. John Foxx - Underpass
3. Duran Duran - The Chauffeur
2. A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing
1. Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric
Synth fans will be pleased to hear that Sonic State will be featuring their own synthesizer chart with the in depth technology based IPTV series Top 20 Greatest Synths due to begin in the New Year. The show features interviews with Goldfrapp, Portishead and The Cure's Roger O'Donnel along with facts, figures and footage from the 20 most influential electronic instruments ever produced. Have your say on which instruments should be featured by visiting the Top 20 Greatest Synths page coming soon to Sonic State. BBC 6 Music at:

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