Top 20 Greatest Synths

New IPTV series coming soon to Sonic State.      08/12/06

Top 20 Greatest Synths

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Yes, the voting has begun to find the Top 20 greatest hardware synths on the planet. The most influential ground breaking electronic instruments will then be featured in the Top 20 Greatest Synths IPTV series in 2007. Full length webisodes featuring pictures, facts, footage and interviews with the people who made 'em and the people who played 'em. Your votes will be considered by our panel of judges that include Roger O'Donnell from The Cure, Ade Utley from Portishead and Will Gregory from Goldfrapp, who will be sharing their views about synths and their contribution to music and pop culture. We know we will never compile a list that suits everybody, but let's hope some of your favourites make it to the show and the only way to be sure is by voting now on the Greatest Synths Page here at Sonic. (One vote per person. Multiple votes will be detected and frankly ignored!) Cast your vote now at:

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