Top 20 Synths fever

The voting hots up in the quest to find the Top 20 Greatest hardware Synths of all time      22/12/06

Top 20 Synths fever

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The votes are coming in thick and fast for your Top 3 favourite synths and here at Sonic State we have already begun compiling the ultimate list based on your suggestions. Thanks to Ambrose Adamson who was quickest off the mark with his vote back in early December which included the Oberheim OB-X. Oberheim’s are clocking up a number of votes as are Korg’s with the M1, MS20 and Wavestation getting a good showing.
Plenty of support for the Prophet V, DX7, JP8 and Access Virus and surprisingly few for the EMS range (VCS3 anyone?) Naturally Moog’s are currently out in front, but not by as bigger margin as expected and newcomers like the Alesis Andromeda and (flagship workstation) Korg Oasys get a fair crack of the whip. Toto from France put in a vote for the Evolver and that’s the latest vote as we go to print, but remember there’s plenty of time to make a difference, so keep ‘em coming for the most influential, iconic and inspirational hardware synth ever. By the way, filming has already begun on the Top 20 show that will accompany the ultimate list and members of The Cure, Goldfrapp, Portishead and The Blue Nile have agreed to be interviewed for the show. Industry members from Gmedia, ARP, Clavia, Yamaha, Wayoutware and Moog and a growing list of synth enthusiasts from all over the World are getting involved, too. Click on the YouTube panel to watch a sneak preview. Obviously we won’t make a Top 20 list that everyone agrees with, but hopefully it will be a great excuse to talk about some amazing instruments and open a lasting debate on just what are the Top 20 Greatest Synths ever? More updates soon, have a great Christmas! Vote for your Top 3 at:

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