WNAMM07: Handwired Vox Amplifiers

50th anniversary Heritage Collection starts with a brace of AC15s      18/01/07
WNAMM07: Handwired Vox Amplifiers
AC15H1TVL - The Look Of Oiled Hardwood

It’s the 50th Anniversary of VOX Amplification (1957-2007) and to commemorate the occasion the company is launching its new Heritage Collection of handwired amplifiers. The first two models, the AC15H1TV and the extremely limited edition AC15H1TVL, pay tribute to the AC15 — the first ever amp made under the VOX name and the amplifier of choice for countless tone-loving guitarists worldwide.
At the heart of these new Combo amplifiers is an EF86 Pentode valve circuit (circa 1960) in the preamp channel combined with the 1963 Top Boost channel, which are then coupled with VOX’s modern tone shaping control enhancements. The result, say Vox, is an amplifier that provides natural overdrive, creamy distortion and a palette of tonal colors that are among the finest that they have ever offered . Aesthetically, the amplifiers feature the VOX vintage ‘TV Front’ style cabinet, pre-1960 logo placement and a vintage inspired cream vinyl covering (AC15H1TV). An extremely limited run (AC151TVL) will feature an oiled hardwood cabinet.
Both 15-Watt models feature two channels (Ch 1-EF86, Ch 2-Top Boost) each with two traditionally-wired inputs that have a 6 dB difference in gain between them, a Celestion AlNiCo ‘Blue’ 12-inch speaker and classic ‘chicken head’ style pointer knobs. The tube complement is made up of 1 x EF86, 3 x ECC83/12AX7, 2 x EL84 and 1 x EZ81 (rectifier).
Vox say that new, flexible tone-shaping enhancements have been added for the modern guitarist. The EF86 Channel’s original Brilliance switch has been modified to now have three positions instead of two; a Bass Shift switch has been added (to help preserve tightness while playing loud); and a switch that toggles between Pentode mode and Triode mode has been included, so that both variations of original EF86 tone are available. Further, an O/P switch (Triode/Pentode) has been integrated to the power output amplifier stage, which enables the power to be cut in half (7.5/15 Watts output). Other controls include Treble & Bass controls for the TOP BOOST channel and the global VOX Top Cut control.
Heritage Collection model details:
  • AC15H1TVL – Finished with a rich, oiled hardwood cabinet, this is the official limited edition Anniversary model, and only 200 will be built.
  • AC15H1TV – This model will be a permanent part of the Heritage series, and features a Baltic Birch cabinet with a special cream anniversary vinyl covering.
Pricing and Availability:
The handwired VOX Heritage Collection limited edition AC15H1TVL amplifier and AC15H1TV are available June 2007. Price TBA More information:
  • www.voxamps.co.uk

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