WNAMM07: RME Launch PCI-Express Cards

Newly engineered HDSPe PCI Card and HDSPe MADI fit the new slots      18/01/07
WNAMM07: RME Launch PCI-Express Cards

RME/Synthax Audio AG have announced their first recording solutions for the new PCI-Express bus found in current Apple OS and Windows based desktop computers.
The HDSPe PCI Card and the HDSPe MADI card are newly engineered PCI-Express versions of their PCI successors. Still based on their Hammerfall DSP series, RME say that the new PCI-Express core ensures full compatibility and maximum performance with the latest high-speed serial bus technology found in all newer motherboards and computers. Furthermore RME´s FPGA core ensures full update capability via RME’s Secure Flash technology, for further hardware and driver updates.
Below are RME’s own descriptions of the two new cards:
The HDSPe PCI Card is a short length PCIe x1 card that provides RME´s own high-speed serial audio data bus, as used in the Multiface, Multiface II, Digiface and RPM. These systems are owned and used by ten thousands of audio professionals around the planet. If users are looking for a no-compromise high-speed audio solution combined with ultimate compatibility, these devices are still state of the art. The Multiface II and Digiface solutions combine some of the highest possible audio transmission rates and low-latency features you can realize with card-based interface techniques, faster than most serial solutions; combined with flexible connectivity. Artists and studios all over the world rely on these combinations. With the HDSPe PCI Card the further use of the existing range of RME´s I/O boxes in next generation computers is secured. As a special addition, the new HDSP PCIe series is prepared to support the use of the TCO, RME’s Time Code Option, with Multiface/II and Digiface.
The HDSPe MADI card rounds up RME´s Premium Line MADI products as it is now the interfacing flagship to the MADI world. The HDSPe MADI card offers a powerful 128 I/O-channel computer connection. It supports 56- and 64-channel modes as well as Single and Double Wire formats. All 64 inputs and 64 playback channels can be routed and mixed independently to 64 physical outputs. The HDSPe MADI turns every “state of the art� computer into a powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The HDSPe MADI offers the most powerful router/mixer implemented on a single PCI-Express card ever. Compared to the existing standard PCI MADI card, the new PCI-Express version offers several advantages, like support for higher sample rates than 96 kHz, TCO support and lower latency.

Both cards come with drivers for Windows XP (multi-client operation of MME, GSIF and ASIO 2.0) and brandnew Windows Vista drivers. Apple users are perfectly served with Power PC and X86 (Intel) drivers providing Core Audio and Core MIDI support.
Pricing and Availability:
The HDSPe PCI Card will be available worldwide from March 2007.
The HDSPe MADI Card will be available from April 2007.
The pricing will be slightly higher compared to the standard PCI card products.
More information:
  • www.rme-audio.com

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