WNAMM07: What The F*** Was That?!? – Part 5

Introducing The Strumstick      19/01/07

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WNAMM07: What The F*** Was That?!? – Part 5

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Well, we always find some unusual musical instruments at the NAMM show (who can forget the Keytar?) and to continue in the tradition this year we are bringing you The Strumstick invented by Bob McNally.
The Strumstick uses a diatonic scale fretting (the notes of a major scale). Bob calls that "No Wrong Notes", because they all sound good together. The strings are tuned in a drone relationship (octaves and fifth) like instruments such as the mountain dulcimer, bagpipes, and Indian sitar. Bob says that the combination of diatonic scale and drone tuning make the strumstick immediately fun, and very easy to play, even for beginners. Check out the vid and see for yourselves…
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