WNAMM07: Vintage Yet Modern

Marshall launches new Vintage Modern amp series combining classic and hi gain sounds      22/01/07
WNAMM07: Vintage Yet Modern

Marshall Amplification has announced the launch of the Vintage Modern Series, an all-valve range of amplifiers that they say combines classic Marshall style and tone with modern gain capability, features and functionality.
This UK-built series comprises the following models:
  • 2466 100-Watt, all-valve Head
  • 2266 50-Watt, all-valve Head
  • 2266C 50-Watt, all-valve, 2x12" Combo
  • 425A 100-Watt, angled-front 4x12" cabinet (mono/stereo switchable)
  • 425B 100-Watt, straight-front 4x12" cabinet (mono/stereo switchable)
The power amplifier stage is based on the first Marshall amplifiers ever produced and boasts KT66 output valves (a quartet in the 2466, a pair in the 2266 and 2266C), which Marshall say produces a fat, smooth, vintage tone. The preamp stage features four ECC83 (12AX7) valves and boasts two ‘frequency selective’ gain controls — Body and Detail. Body affects the lows and low-mids while Detail affects the upper-mids and highs, giving the user greater tone shaping flexibility. A Mid-Boost button is also included to add further fatness and punch.
Each Vintage Modern model also offers two ‘dynamic ranges’ — low and high — which are selectable via a front panel button or the supplied, two-way footswitch. The ‘low dynamic range’ offers the level of gain and performance characteristic of a late ‘60s vintage Marshall; selecting the ‘high dynamic range’ kicks in another valve gain stage, giving the user modern levels of overdrive while preserving the amp’s sensitivity to picking nuances and subtle volume control level dynamics.
In addition to the usual array of tone controls (Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence), the Vintage Modern amps also feature a footswitchable, studio-quality, digital plate-reverb which was specifically developed for this range. Another modern feature is a series FX loop that lives on the rear panel and has a -10/+4 dB level switch plus a true-bypass facility.
To ensure classic Marshall vintage tone, the Vintage Modern Combo and cabinets are loaded with Celestion G12C 25-Watt Greenbacks — the same speakers used in Marshall’s Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Super 100JH Signature stack. These speakers have been specially voiced to deliver rich and balanced harmonic tones.
Aesthetically, the Vintage Modern is covered in a subtle black and purple flec vinyl that changes hues from dark-blue to purple to blacker-than-black, depending on light and viewing angle. That combined with the blue/purple glow of the square indicator light on the front panel, say Marshall, makes the Vintage Modern Series particularly striking. Pricing and Availability:
The new Marshall Vintage Modern Series Amplifiers are available Spring 2007, with U.S. MSRPs as follows:
2466 $2100.00
2266 $1900.00
2266C $2300.00
425A/425B $1390.00 each
More information:

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