Moog Director Releases Album

Hans Fjellestad leaves a slimy trail to his new album, Snails R Sexy.      22/02/07

Moog Director Releases Album

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Hans Fjellestad director of the acclaimed documentary Moog has recorded an album of original material called Snails R Sexy.
Released on Accretion Records the 9 tracks are described as a dark, lush world of sound with Krautrock, Sun-Ra and heavy metal influences.
This studio based offering follows Fjellestad’s live album Kobe Live House and has been produced on analogue synths and a theremin.
Listen to 3 of the 9 tracks on the Accretion Records site and decide for yourself whether snails really ARE sexy. Wearing his movie director’s hat, Fjellestad is working on another feature length documentary about electronic musicians called Synth God.


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