Vintage Drum Machines For Reason

SoundJump launch the VDM-1 Refill with 12 classic drumboxes      15/03/07

Vintage Drum Machines For Reason
Screenshot of just a few of the 12 vintage drum machines

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SoundJump are now shipping their VDM-1 Vintage Drum Machines ReFill for Reason 2.x and higher . The Refill contains 12 of the most sought after vintage drum machines of all time. Here’s the details from the company:
Featured Drum machines
  • Roland TR-808
  • Oberheim DMX
  • MXR-185
  • Roland TR-909
  • Sequential Drumtraks
  • Simmons SDSV
  • Roland TR-707
  • Emu Drumulator
  • Casio SK-1
  • Roland TR-727
  • Linn 9000
  • Rhythm Ace
  • All meticulously sampled with Class A preamps and hi-resolution A/D converters
  • 4 Different versions of each sample - Natural, Distorted, Production and Reverb
  • Redrum+NN-XT Combinator graphics emulate original machine's look
  • Multi-out presets for Rewire Master hosts like Pro Tools, Cubase and others
  • Includes "All Kicks", "All Snares", "All Claps" etc... mega presets
  • VDM-1 has over 50 Presets containing 700+ samples
  • Has bonus "Hi-Tec" blank backdrops to use with your own Combinator devices
  • Works with Reason version 2.x and higher
Pricing and Availability:
Regular price $74.95
Introductory price $34.95
More information:

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