Ejekt Festival Riot Leaves Underworld Man Injured

Masked attackers invade stage, torch and beat in Athens      19/06/07

Ejekt Festival Riot Leaves Underworld Man Injured
Cars burn at Ejekt via athens as it really is

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This Saturday at the Ejekt Fesitval (16th June), Underworlds Rick Smith was amongst those injured when a group of up to 30 masked attackers started rioting. Armed with CS gas and baseball bats, they stormed the event whilst the Beastie Boys were on stage, Madness were also on the bill. Cars were torched, several people were hospitalized - a couple seriously injured, and the stadium had to be evacuated. The attackers were reported to be of a fascist persuasion, though reasons as to why this normally peaceful event was targeted are unclear. Myspace member athens as it really is posted some photos and comment after the event. What I find most shocking apart form the ferocity of this attack, is that there has been hardly any news coverage of this event.


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