SonicTV: Korg M3 Test Drive Part 2

James Asher takes the wheel of this elusive beast      30/07/07

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13:2 mins
Sonic State Checks Out Korg’s M3 – Episode two
You may have seen James Asher in our first part of the Korg M3 overview. Well, in part two, James puts his extensive experience as a composer, producer and top notch musician to great effect while he examines the sequencing features, the effects, programs & combinations and the expansion options including the Radias board. He also has some fun with the vocoder and demos some sounds including keyboards and guitar patches.

Finally, check out James' good natured rant about the size of the CDROM manuals which I'm sure will strike a chord with most musicians!

In case you missed it, you can watch episode one here.


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Marc JX8P    Said...

Nice video, nice workstation! One small remark: you spelled the caption as 'Radius board' whereass it should of course be 'Radias board'... :-)

These kind of videos are very informative, so I hope there'll be more of them. It's very cool to see a user explain the gear instead of the usual company representive (however good they can be).

30-Jul-07 09:37 AM

Simon Power    Said...

'Whereass' it should be? Marc really. tut tut. Seriously, thanks for that, I'm glad you enjoyed these episodes, it was an absolute pleasure working with James.He will also be appearing in the Top 5 Greatest Samplers series later in the year.

30-Jul-07 10:31 AM


Err - sorry about the 'whereass'... Just a typo! :-) Seriously, if I'm going to include a funny pun be assured that I'll come up with a better one! :-)

31-Jul-07 08:26 AM

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