Kontakt 3 Announced

Native Instruments software sampler gets a bunch of new functions      13/09/07
Kontakt 3 Announced

Native Instruments has announced Kontakt 3, the latest version of its software sampler. NI say that, with its powerful high-resolution audio engine, comprehensive sound shaping capabilities, unique KSP script programming, and universal sample format compatibility, Kontakt has established the cutting edge of sampling technology for music production, live performance and sound design.
They tell us that the new version is centered around a highly sophisticated next-generation instrument library that sets new standards both in its musical scope and in its creative value, while also adding a wide range of new functions and refinements in all areas of the software.
Here’s the rest of what NI have to say in their own words:
The new instrument library in Kontakt 3 goes far beyond what samplers have offered so far in terms of universal musical value. Over 1.000 highly expressive and ready-to-play instruments enable Kontakt 3 to fill nearly every imaginable musical role and application "out of the box". The library consists of six themed collections titled "Band", "Orchestral", "Synth", "Urban Beats", "Vintage" and "World", all based on over 33 GB of high-quality source material that takes full advantage of the unrivalled sound shaping capabilities of the Kontakt engine.
To unlock the full creative potential of the sample material, every single instrument in each collection of the Kontakt 3 library is outfitted with a specialized "Performance View" panel that puts all essential sound parameters at the user's fingertips for quick and convenient control. Drum kits even include their own programmable step sequencer, world instruments offer sophisticated tuning scale options, synthesizers come with arpeggiators and detailed voicing controls. This advanced functionality is based on Kontakt 's unique KSP scripting technology, and is unparalleled in a software sampler instrument.
The comprehensive sound design capabilities of Kontakt are further extended in the new version through the addition of innovative Zone Envelopes. These highly flexible free-form envelopes are directly applied on the waveform, and add a deep yet intuitive new aspect to the powerful modulation features of Kontakt. A new sample editor now also enables direct editing of waveforms for audio trimming, cutting and similar tasks directly within Kontakt 3. Handling of loops and musical phrases greatly benefits from an improved wave editor, which offers superior slice detection, a flexible beat grid feature and the option to export sliced loops as MIDI files via drag&drop at any time.
The ease-of-use and efficiency of Kontakt 3 is profoundly increased on every level, both through a substantial general user interface overhaul as well as through various feature additions. This includes a new "Instrument Navigator" and "Monitor Tab", a "Modulation Quick-Jump" feature, and an enhanced mapping editor that makes creating and editing sound easier. The user interface is further augmented with a new integrated help panel that provides explanations and hints for nearly all functions and controls right within the software, making it easier to fully take advantage of the vast functionality that Kontakt 3 offers.
Other improvements in Kontakt 3 include several new effect algorithms, additional supported sample formats, substantially faster loading times and much more.
Kontakt 3 is also fully compatible with Kore, the advanced host system from Native Instruments.
Pricing and Availability:
Kontakt 3 will be available in October for a suggested retail price of $449 / EUR 399.
An update for owners of Kontakt 2 will be offered at $149 / EUR 129.
More information:
  • www.native-instruments.com


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    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Brilliant! I'm especially looking forward to how well it integrates in Kore...

    13-Sep-07 08:52 AM

    K. Robinski    Said...

    Any new product from Native Instruments should mention that their draconian copy protection has prevented many registered owners from successfully installing their software for over a year and their technical support often fails to respond and frequently cannot activate the product when you are on the phone with them. Purchasing the software is not a guarantee that you will be able to use the software. See their own forum for hundreds of examples: http://www.native-instruments.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=156

    13-Sep-07 09:00 AM

    Marc JX8P    Said...

    Never had any problem myself though, installing (and deinstalling) Kompakt and Kontakt on three machines over the past years - in xp and Vista. In my experience its been highly flexible and quick.

    13-Sep-07 01:53 PM

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