Korg Announce Pandora PX5D

Pocket-sized multi-effects processor for guitar now includes USB audio interface      18/09/07

Korg Announce Pandora PX5D

Korg have announced the Pandora PX5D multi-effects processor for guitar. The PX5D is the first in Korg’s Pandora series to provide a USB/audio interface for direct connection to a desktop or laptop computer allowing it, say Korg, to be used in conjunction with your audio sequencer software - or the bundled Ableton Live Lite 6 Korg Edition recording software - to make multi-track recordings of CD quality.
As with all Pandora devices, you get a multitude of effects. These include: 180 variations of classic and cutting-edge guitar amps, bass amps, cabinets plus classic and new effects; 200 multi-effect programs (100 user/100 preset); 744 rhythm and bass patterns; a Phrase Trainer function (maximum 80 seconds); a built-in tuner.
Korg has made it easy for you to quickly build up tracks by creating chains of rhythm and bass patterns and specifying the chord changes for them. You can also store your favourite effects programs in four banks, and switch between them with a single touch. Alternatively, you can jam along with an external audio source such as a CD, MD or MP3 player – just input it via the AUX jack or USB connector and the PX5D will help you to transpose the key and/or cancel the bass.
REMS Modelling
The PX5D’s effects come via Korg’s proprietary REMS modelling technology. Included are simulations that recreate classic vintage and modern bass and guitar amplifiers (18 for guitar amps and 10 for bass) as well as a host of effects – some familiar and some unique to Pandora. Numerous effects designed specifically for bass are also included. You can combine cabinets and speakers freely with any amp models. There are also synth effects with which you can create unique and fresh new sounds - there are three choices each for guitar and bass.
Other features include pickup modeling, an intelligent pitch shifter, a talk effect that makes your guitar ‘speak’ and a variable-speed rotary speaker effect.
  • EFFECTS: 180 types (up to 7 available simultaneously)
  • NUMBER OF PROGRAMS: 100 user, 100 preset
  • INPUTS: Guitar input (1/4â€� jack), AUX (mini stereo jack)
  • OUTPUT: Line/headphone dualpurpose output (Stereo jack)
  • CONTROL: FOOTSW jack, USB connector
  • RHYTHM SECTION: Patterns 128, Tempo 40–240 bpm
  • POWER SUPPLY: Two AA alkaline batteries: Allows 7 hours of continuous use (backlight OFF) Allows 5 hours of continuous use (backlight ON) USB bus-powered (when using the USB connector) Separately sold AC adapter (DC4.5V)
  • DIMENSIONS: 118(W) x 75(D) x 20(H)mm /4.65â€� x 2.95â€� x 0.79â€�
Pricing and Availability:
RRP £189.00 GBP inc VAT More information:

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