Can You Hear The Difference?

Take up the Focusrite Liquid Mix Challenge - classic hardware or emulation?      04/12/07
Can You Hear The Difference?

So confident are Focusrite of their revolutionary Liquid technology, that they’ve chosen to put their necks on the line and create the Liquid Mix Challenge, complete with the chance to win a new Liquid 4PRE.
This challenge provides ten different excerpts; each features a dry sample, followed by two processed samples, A and B. One of these is processed through the original vintage or classic hardware, the other through a Liquid Mix emulation of the same unit. The question is, ‘which is which?’
For each excerpt, the user must decide which sample has been processed through the Liquid Mix, as well as decide which sample they liked the most. Your score is displayed at the end of the short test, alongside an aggregate of the world’s scores to date.
With over 17 awards under its belt, Focusrite say that their Liquid Technology (featuring Sintefex’s patented dynamic convolution techniques) is a proven winner. They tell us that the challenge further demonstrates Liquid Mix’s impressive ability to deliver class-leading classic and vintage compressor and EQ emulations. They don’t, however, just want you take their word for it - the idea behind the challenge is that you hear Liquid Mix for yourself and make up your own mind. Is it really as good as all the magazines say? Find out by taking the Liquid Mix Challenge now.
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    7 Comments...  Post a comment    original story    Said...

    I got 50%/50%, in line with the results before I took the test

    hahaha.... This could end up being a very bad marketing gimmick, methinks



    ps. the samples chosen made it VERY difficult to judge IMHO

    04-Dec-07 05:40 AM

    DC    Said...

    I managed to identify the Liquid Mix Sample 80% of the time and preferred the sound of the liquid Mix over the original 30% of the time:-)

    04-Dec-07 06:18 AM

    m    Said...

    I preferred liquid 70% of the time. If it's supposed to be accurate models, how come liquid seems to sound better..?

    04-Dec-07 02:02 PM

    Mike    Said...

    I guessed correctly 50% of the time. In other words, a chimp hitting random buttons would score just as well as I did. I'm impressed.

    04-Dec-07 02:37 PM

    Bob Abooey    Said...

    I have to say, I'm sure the Liquid Mix is more than usable and a great buy - hell, I'll eventually get one myself - but they need to pull this promotion ASAP, cause it certainly doesn't do much to sell the product. Even listening on my little PowerBook speakers WHILE Howard Stern was playing in the background, and I was still able to easily spot the Liquid Mix %70 of the time and prefered the sound of it only %20 - doh! I'm still interested in it cause what I've heard of it is highly usable, but if they are aiming to sell based on the accuracy of the emulations with this promo, they are not doing a great job - they need to pull the challenge or do a better job of trying to match the sounds.

    04-Dec-07 04:23 PM

    DC    Said...

    "a chimp hitting random buttons would score just as well as I did"


    05-Dec-07 03:20 AM

    DC    Said...

    a chimp hitting random buttons


    05-Dec-07 03:20 AM

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