Sugar Bytes announce their WOW filterbox plug-in for Mac and PC      04/12/07


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Sugar Bytes tell us that their new WOW is a superversatile filterbox with an extraordinary analog sound and lots of possibilities. They say that 10 Filtertypes, including Vowel Mode, Overdrive and an inspiring modulation system, where the modulators can modulate each other, where each parameter has its own modulation mixer coming in with a single rightclick, make WOW to an everyday tool which is once more an outstanding example of innovation and sound.
Here’s how Sugar Bytes describe WOW in their own words…
'WOW is the right choice, if you are looking for a superb sounding filter plugin which contains an intuitive modulation system and brings you perfect vowel sounds.
The Modulation System is versatile but intuitive. The modulation signals can be mixed individually for each parameter but also can modulate each other. So for example, the LFO-rate can be modulated by the Envelope Follower, while the Stepsequencer modulates the Envelope Follower´s is some really big potential for grooving, moving, unheard effects. When we developed the Filter Algorithm we spent special attention on a linear Amplitude response over the whole frequency spectrum for a fat filter sound and a perfect vowel sound. The brandnew Band Crusher and LF Crusher filters put the audio signal to the same samplerate frequency as the cutoff frequency. The Band Reject filter eliminates a wide band and gives you juicy filter sounds without losing high or low end. Besides the classical filter types, WOW contains the Vowel Mode which makes everything talk what you feed through WOW. The Overdrive will drive your signal into the red and enlarges the harmonic spectrum, which gives the filter some yummy candy and makes it sound aggressive while keeping analogue warmth and high end.’ Filter Features:
  • 12/24db Highpass
  • 12/24db Bandpass
  • 12/24db Lowpass
  • Comb Filter
  • Band Crusher
  • LF Crusher
Vowel Mode:
  • 2 Vowels can be mixed via Cutoff Control, with all available filtertypes.
  • Vowels: U, UE, O, OE, A, A:, AE, E, I
  • LFO (can be retriggered by the audio signal)
  • Step Sequencer
Modulators can be mixed in the parameters rightclick menues and can modulate each other. Special:
  • Overdrive
  • Mix Control: Mixes between filtered and original signal
  • Master Control: Final level
Pricing and Availability:
WOW costs 79€/$99. More information:

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