WNAMM08: Music Software Control Gets More Intelligent

Novation announce Automap Universal 2.0      17/01/08

WNAMM08: Music Software Control Gets More Intelligent

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Following the success of Novation’s Automap Universal, (a protocol exclusive to Novation controllers, providing automatic and intelligent control of your music software), NAMM 2008 has seen the arrival of the eagerly awaited Automap Universal 2.0. Novation tell us that RTAS and TDM plug-in support is now included, making Novation controllers the best solution for controlling multiple instruments and effects within Pro Tools LE and HD. They say that the mapping options available go way beyond those offered by existing HUI-based controllers. This latest release ships with Novation’s new Nocturn controller, and will also be compatible with Novation’s ReMOTE SL and ReMOTE SL COMPACT ranges.
Featuring a revolutionary 'heads-up transparent control GUI', Automap Universal 2.0 allows you to view all parameters simultaneously on your computer screen, as well as on an SL or SL COMPACT’s huge screens. The size of the window can be modified, as well as the degree of transparency, so a permanent view of the GUI is possible without interfering with your regular setup.
As before, little or no user setup is required and control of your software can be customized just the way you like it, no matter what sequencer you use. Simply boot up an automatable plug-in and you’ll see at a glance how the parameters are automatically assigned to each control. An instant click and control ‘learn’ function is also available for quick re-assigning of controls, or for creating your own controller map in seconds. Massive flexibility means that you can assign a potentially infinite number of parameters for each plug-in. In addition to displaying all your assigned parameters, the heads-up display also allows you to enter new control names, parameter ranges and step sizes.
Automap Universal 2.0 also categorises all your control maps. A simple browsing facility allows you to view mapped plug-ins by type, then quickly switch to control any one of them. Automap Universal 2.0 still supports standard MIDI protocol, but now also provides the same heads-up display and editing solution for quick and simple assigning of MIDI parameters. Once a ‘MIDI map’ is created, it can be saved and recalled via the same map browsing facility, and refined and edited at will. A growing library of maps will be available for free download and on-line help is also now included in the application.
Automap Universal 2.0 is due for online release in February 2008, is fully backwards compatible, and will be available to all existing Novation SL and SL Compact owners.
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