WNAMM08: Sonic State Go To NAMM

Full coverage of the show starts here      17/01/08
WNAMM08: Sonic State Go To NAMM
Nick and Andy taking the video gear to a previous show

It’s that time of year again. Yep, the 2008 NAMM Show starts today Thursday 17th of january at the Anaheim Convention Center, California, USA and runs for four days. The Sonic State news and video crew are now safely ensconced in Anaheim and will be there just as soon as the doors open to bring you the latest on all the new gear and advances in music technology.
We’ll be starting off by bringing you the written news as soon as we get it. As the whole video editing process takes some time, videos will follow later but we hope to have something online by the second day of the show and loads more in the days following.
All the stories and vids will appear as normal in the Sonic State news but there is also a dedicated NAMM show page:
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    Timk    Said...

    Hey guys - please please please can you go and check out Spectrasonics new offering!


    17-Jan-08 06:57 AM

    phraggle    Said...

    Looking forward to your reports, guys - have fun!

    (And yeah, be sure to check out what Spectrasonics are up to...)

    17-Jan-08 08:20 AM

    Bod    Said...

    Damn! I'm excited (ok, I probably need to get out more) :) ! I'm hoping to see something new from Line6, possibly guitar shaped!

    When will we see the first reports?

    17-Jan-08 08:50 AM

    Nick B    Said...

    Hi Bod, (7am in the hotel room), we're getting set for an early start, and always wake early when following trans-atlantic flights.

    First written reports should be up today at show start, then tyhe videos will start (hopefully) tomorrow AM.

    Stay tuned, we have loads of people to see..

    17-Jan-08 09:24 AM

    www.orbitalstream.com    Said...

    Always look forward to sonicstate NAMM coverage (best on the web), just wanna say, thanks all your efforts to cover as much as possible - caffine, lack of sleep ... its appreciated.

    Please check out Access Musics latest offering, and get Ben Crosland to knock out a good trance demo !

    17-Jan-08 10:21 AM

    nick b    Said...

    And yes, we do intend to see Spectrasonics

    17-Jan-08 10:30 AM

    Nick    Said...

    Access too.

    17-Jan-08 10:30 AM

    Dave B    Said...

    Nick - Andy good luck. Shame I'mnot there with you but I'm sure you make up for one less slacker.

    17-Jan-08 02:57 PM

    Shekhar (thek2plan)    Said...

    Is ken macbeth there with his much improved m5n?

    24-Jan-08 07:09 PM

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