WNAMM08: Slice And Dice With Access TI

It's the Access Atomizer...      19/01/08

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5:58 mins
Richard Devine demonstrates the new Atomizer software on an Access TI cutting and slicing audio in real time. A beautiful sound or an unholy row? You decide... Pricing and Availability:
To be available in a future TI OS update More information:
  • www.access-music.de

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    Jurgen auf Himmel    Said...

    Cool. I was able to sync my Trash Kompaktor tapping the lower C key while reversing it's wires to make the rotors spin in the opposite direction. Never missed a beat..............

    19-Jan-08 10:27 AM

    Devil in disguise    Said...

    There's "good" glitch and then there's "bad" glitch I guess ;)


    Again, you decide...... haha

    19-Jan-08 10:51 AM

    Mr. tunes    Said...

    Devine rocks it here ha. nice video

    19-Jan-08 11:48 AM

    Taxis    Said...

    Devil, that isn't glitch.

    19-Jan-08 12:52 PM

    RedWalks    Said...

    Look at his face... Actually the virus` indigo rotaries must be really hard to tweak...some more shows and he`ll look like Arnie in T3! UC obviously a thing I like on DJs,too..delivering a heavy show but nothing of it is audible !!! It seems you can have similar results with a KP3 by an 1/8th of the price.In short: A bargain !!!

    Cya,Red !

    19-Jan-08 12:57 PM

    brokenborg    Said...

    really nice... same glitch sounds that JUSTICE from ed banger records use. and i seen danja already has this toy aswell

    19-Jan-08 06:24 PM

    Anig Browl    Said...

    I like this style of Music (and Richard, and the Virus in general) quite a lot, and it is nice that they have added this...but on the other hand I am not really so impressed by it. Live audio is nice, but no DJ is going to spend $$$ on a virus just for this. And inthe meantime, you can do 90% of what I heard here just with a good delay effect and maybe some pitch bending (eg if using a sampler).

    In short, it is neat, but but does not really seem so innovative except maybe for people who hate to program their own effects.

    19-Jan-08 07:00 PM

    Resonate    Said...

    I think all electronic musicians, who aren't already proficient in classical performance and music theory, should take the steps toward becoming so. There's nothing more enjoyable and healing than being self sufficient in your own creativity. This, however, is just my opinion! I'm tired of programming, it's just the most draining activity.

    19-Jan-08 10:14 PM

    Ronkaz    Said...

    Well, you could also record it for your song, maybe even with the plugin...


    20-Jan-08 03:02 AM

    schnukums    Said...

    @ Resonate, not sure what you're getting at, but you do know that Richard Devine is a classically trained pianist of several years, right? That being said, I know many producers who have a great understanding of theory, but can't play a keyboard to save their lives...

    20-Jan-08 12:18 PM

    andre    Said...

    Great fun! But it's also great because the loop he uses is just faaaat. Nothing that couldn't be done in Ableton Live really :-/

    20-Jan-08 01:01 PM

    the daleks    Said...

    if you already own a Virus TI (like me, muwahahahaa) this is great news!

    Rock it on Richard! I sold him a synth back in my guitar center days in ATL... nice guy, too..


    21-Jan-08 12:32 AM

    Phil    Said...

    schnukums. Yeah count me in that catagory. Knows the theory, can't play for shit. As for this product, yeah I get the impression the Kaoss pad could do something similar but I don't own one so I'm just speculating.

    21-Jan-08 05:30 AM

    Doktor Bennway    Said...

    A beatslicer that doesn't groove? underwhelming.

    21-Jan-08 07:07 AM

    Muso    Said...


    21-Jan-08 03:03 PM

    jhambi    Said...

    All the power of an overused free vst, now in your expensive synth! Unfortunately it's more fun to mess stuff up like that than it is to listen to it...

    22-Jan-08 06:12 PM

    john    Said...

    that was fun to watch! I wonder if you can internally route TI synth parts to the atomizer...

    24-Jan-08 05:17 AM

    tricky    Said...

    how boring

    24-Jan-08 07:52 AM

    tricky    Said...

    oh dear

    24-Jan-08 07:52 AM

    maako    Said...

    That sounded terrible.. Like a really broken CD.

    24-Jan-08 07:19 PM

    hacknslash    Said...

    I have a KP3 KAOSS pad, and while it can slice audio into increments, it definitely can't offer the same sort of fine control and elaborate adjustment the Atomizer appears to able to provide. I'm looking forward to it, Access!

    27-Jan-08 11:54 AM

    Rigon    Said...

    As a Virus Ti Owner all i have to say is this. Good or bad, you can't fault Access's support and commitment to bringin new things to their users. I'll give this a try but either way, access continues to deliver.

    28-Jan-08 07:51 AM

    www.myspace.com/banditselektro    Said...

    Indeed very Justice sounding

    good extra

    ok you can buy some beatslicing tools, possibly better

    but hey guys this is just a synth

    so respect

    04-Feb-08 05:01 PM

    Pisd off    Said...

    That was so fucking shit man, i mean there's a programe calld glitch that can do the same job and its Dam FREE man.....Dont get me wrong i love the Virus i have the TC powercore Multi Version , KEEP in mind that it dosent work ahhhhhh in stead of having this pointless effect on a TI why dont TC powercore and Access work with each other to FIX the Dam problem with the Multi Virus in TC powercore since it dosent work on the latest drivers With Tc powercore ahhhhh

    08-Feb-08 11:19 PM

    idm=snore    Said...

    Oh look! it's music for the "intelligent dancers" rofl.

    25-Feb-08 03:43 AM

    shammie    Said...

    not impressed really. what else does it do?

    25-Feb-08 09:00 PM

    BioRhythmic    Said...

    never mind automizer I WANT HIS T-SHIRT!!! :)

    11-Apr-08 02:32 PM

    Eazz    Said...

    Are you guys for real? You get free features in your synth and bitch about it? Don't like it, don't use it... If all thinks were that simple... and cheap..

    08-Jul-08 01:46 AM

    CyberKenny    Said...

    I bought the TI Snow as soon as I saw it, and damn! Truly a small beast it is. All the TI features and now the Atomizer too! I'm just saying this because I have had some bad days lately and just coming home to the TI and cranking up some of my old songs, routing them through the Atomizer really does my day! I don't know the background or how they got the idea, but I think those who actually use it, use it to just have something to play with. It's true, it's hard to find a "useful" application for it. But then again, who needs to? Final word: It's free. It's a toy. It's so freaking funny to play with if you can find a song (even TV works!) that it synchronizes perfectly with ( by itself, and in tune too!). Name one thing that does it as good as and with that kind of ease as the Virus! I think it's a nice addition to the Virus; now it literally can be called a Virus :P

    17-Sep-08 12:14 PM

    izzet curuk    Said...

    izzet curuk

    11-Mar-09 09:13 AM

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