WNAMM08: Plugiator – An 8 Synth DSP Box

Use|Audio demonstrate the power of their new Sharcs      29/01/08

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8:10 mins
We talked about the new Plugiator – which is sort of born out of the demise of CreamWare in our pre-NAMM podcast. The MiniMax and ASB synths of old were considered to be pretty hot stuff, so now that there’s a new unit on the scene that ships with four synths as standard (only one at a time folks) and a further four available as a purchased add-on it’s not a bad looking system for the money ($399 +$119 for the extra synths). We also learn that there are other synths in development that can also be loaded onto the Plugiator. Presumably, this is still up to a maximum of 8 at any one time.

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Devil in disguise    Said...

Me likey !

(now if it could just load vst's too..... hehe)

29-Jan-08 08:25 AM

septictanker    Said...

Great sound! what's the polyphony and multi-timbrality?

29-Jan-08 12:35 PM

Lothar Lammfromm    Said...

polyphony: 10-15 multi-timbrality: 1

Yours Lothar Lammfromm | Germany

30-Jan-08 05:47 AM

More Hardware    Said...

Interesting how more and more companies are making hardware boxes from their softsynths... hmmm

01-Feb-08 09:51 PM

Plucki    Said...

Only 10 to 15 voices? That's the power of an old 14 DSP card?!

15-Mar-08 07:22 AM

yongdolingy    Said...

Thank heavens, someone is finally doing that. All the DSP power in my current rack, and only a single-use program environment available! Hooray for Creamware, if only Access and Waldorf would loosen their asses a little, and we could have something else to do with our Viruses than run alongside the rest of the herd ..

23-Jun-08 05:27 AM

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