MESSE08: The Drums Are Bright, The Drums Are Orange

2Box show off their DrumIt Five bright orange electronic drum kit      14/03/08

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6:13 mins
DrumIt Five from 2Box is an open sound drum system giving the user the freedom to choose which sounds to play and which heads to use. The system is built around a high strength, low weight pad/cymbal and stand system. Add to this an extremely powerful percussion module with a large on-board Flash memory, and you have the foundation for a truly ground breaking, new sensation in electronic drums.
Here's some details from the 2Box website...
Easy to setup and use
The specially designed rack stand is focused to be light-weight, roadworthy and easy to set-up. It allows the user to adjust the pads and cymbals to there particular playing style. The kick position is adjustable but mounted to the stand.
Use the head of your choice
The DrumIt Five system offers the possibility to play any type of regular drum head, mesh head or the new rubber head. All heads are exchangeable in the same way as you would change a drum head on a regular drum.
Play your own sounds
By means of the DrumIt Five editor (PC/Mac), you can make your own multi-sampled sounds from wave, aiff or rex files. Together with sounds from the DrumIt library, you can create any kit you desire.
Use professionally edited DrumIt sounds
Select sounds from the DrumIt sound library, made by top artists, recorded in multi-channel multi-layer format in professional studios, carefully edited to offer unsurpassed sound quality.
Select Different size pads
The pads come in a range of sizes from 8 to 14 inch. They all feature head and rim sensors. Although the pads are of a lightweight design, they are cast in aluminum and extremely strong.
Play along
The DrumIt Five module allows you to trigger loops by hitting a pad, play to your own sequences or connect your media player to the line in socket.
Edit kits and make your own sounds
The DrumIt editor allows the user to create kits on their computer by way of easy drag-and-drop editing. Sounds can be played from the virtual pads to check how the kit will sound. The multi-channel, multi-layered DrumIt sounds can be remixed and adjusted to the user's own taste. New multi-layered sounds can be created from wav, aiff or rex files. All these can be downloaded via USB to the DrumIt module.
Play the Hi-Hat the way you are used to
The DrumIt hi-hat works the same as a conventional acoustic hi-hat, i.e. the playing surface moves up and down. It has the same silent rubber surface as the cymbals. The built-in sensor detects the vertical movement which, together with the multi-zone trig sensor, enables to reproduce the broad sound palette inherent to a hi-hat.
Download by USB
When DrumIt Five is connected to a computer by USB, all sounds and kits can easily be downloaded to the internal Flash memory. Use the editor to download complete kits or just drag-and-drop from the computer's file manager.
Use Multi-zone cymbals
The cymbals behave as their acoustic counterpart. They are free to swing on their stand and can be played at any part of the surface. They all have three zones: bell, ride and edge. By gripping the edge one can choke the cymbal sound.
Enjoy fast response time and superb dynamics
The DrumIt Five trigger system offers low latency triggering and great dynamic range. Depending on the pad type, several zones are available, eg. pads have head and rim, cymbals offer bell, ride and edge, etc...
Experience great sound quality

The DrumIt Five sound engine uses a proprietary loss-less compression format delivering the best possible 24 bit sound quality to your monitor system.

Pricing and Availability:
Projected price under 2000 Euros More information:

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    Phil    Said...

    Cool, but why not just hook up a drum trigger set to a sampler, either software or hardware.

    15-Mar-08 01:47 AM

    Michael    Said...

    Hmm, it seems neat, but I'm afraid I couldn't play live with an orange kit!

    I don't see how it could use REAL drum heads either, without it sounding like a roto-tom.

    Hooking up with BFD or Toontrack would be cool, but you'd have to compress those samples so much, that you'd get a Roland sound, which is the exact opposite of what you want to do, right?

    Great start, here!

    16-Mar-08 08:45 PM

    JJ    Said...

    I'm in love with the look of the kit. Not just the Orange, but the rack itself! Amazing, swift Swedish design.

    Re Compression: There's probably a reason samples will have to be converted to their proprietary format. It's more than likely they do some sort of lossless sort of thing.

    Way to go guys!

    26-Mar-08 08:23 PM

    Emre    Said...

    1/ But how does it feel compared to real acoustic drums, in terms of mimicking reality, and how does it compare to the Roland TD-20, and the Yamaha DXTreme III/IV.

    2/ What is the actual quality of sound, and the quality and realism of output, is it sufficient to make a professional recording ? How does it compare with the other players ?

    3/ Why is it so flimsy ? the thing shakes and has terrible connectors to the cast aluminum body. Yamaha recently made the skeliton much better, and infinetely flexible ball/joint connectors, can't they copy them?

    4/ How does the technology of the trigger system, response time, operating conditions, etc of the technology compare with the TD-20 and Yamaha ?

    5/ Why don't they have those special Yamaha knobs on the toms, and snare drums ? That would be very useful.

    29-Jul-08 09:24 PM

    Steve    Said...

    This has now been released - take a look...

    28-Aug-08 10:58 AM

    johnnyT    Said...

    I wouldn't even compare the Drumit 5 with Rolands top of the range TD20. I still find the TD20 very toyish and not a professional piece of kit. Imo the samples are awful.

    06-Jan-09 04:35 AM


    I am a professional drummer/educator with long time experience from playing both DDRUM 2 and V-drums kits live. I mainly play acoustic drums though and I'm picky about the feel and sound of my drums. The other day I actually got my hand on a 2box kit, and have to tell you: These things are good.

    Pros: -The FEEL: Not one second did it occur to me that I was playing a digital kit, no technique ajustment needed. -The "flimsy" hardware was actually sturdy AND lightweight. -Decent price tag -You can get it in any color you want, as long as it's orange. Cons: -Still no e-kit on the market with better than OK acoustic drum sounds.

    02-Sep-09 07:41 AM

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