MESSE08: Add Hardware Functionality To GarageBand

Frontier Design AlphaTrack and TranzPort now support GarageBand 4      17/03/08

MESSE08: Add Hardware Functionality To GarageBand
Control Garageband functions with AlphaTrack

New editing and wireless remote control capabilities have arrived for users of Apple Computer's GarageBand 4 software, thanks to two new plug-ins released by Frontier Design Group.
The first, for TranzPort, now allows GarageBand musicians to adjust mix settings from inside a vocal booth, or easily record instruments that are physically distant from the computer (piano, drums, etc.). This gives GarageBand users new ways to get creative in an environment away from the computer (living room, lounge, etc.) and without having to run back and forth to the workstation.
GarageBand functions available via TranzPort include:
  • Select the current track, remotely adjust its level and mute, solo, and record-arm status
  • Scroll or shuttle the GarageBand time position using the large rotary dial.
  • Set In/Out points and turn Cycle on and off
  • Enter Record mode via an optional footswitch
  • A complete set of dedicated transport buttons (Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Play, and Record)
The second new plug-in connects GarageBand with AlphaTrack, Frontier Design’s compact moving fader control surface. For the first time, moving fader automation is available in GarageBand with a low-cost control surface. The AlphaTrack/GarageBand plug-in takes full advantage of AlphaTrack's powerful features, providing an unprecedented level of control including:
  • Track selection via dedicated switches or touch-sensitive encoder
  • Complete control of track volume, pan, mute, solo, and record-arm status
  • Horizontal and Vertical window zooming
  • EQ controls (Frequency, Gain, and Q on multiple bands)
  • Plug-in and Instrument selection with full parameter control
  • Aux Send and Automation control, Group Assignments, and Master Fader adjust
  • Punch-in and Cycle (looping) control
  • Complete set of dedicated transport buttons and AlphaTrack’s unique Scroll Strip
Other recent additions to AlphaTrack’s growing list of supported DAW’s include SAWStudio 4.1 by RML Labs, and MultitrackStudio 4.31 from the folks at Bremmers Audio Design. The developers of both of these recording platforms have answered the call of their dedicated users to include AlphaTrack as another vital tool in their recording arsenal.
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