MESSE08: It’s a Sequencer Jim, But Not As We Know It

Genoqs Machines NEMO follows Octopus      17/03/08

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6:7 mins
This amazing looking new hardware sequencer is a smaller version of their massive and intriguing Octopus hardware sequencer was on display at the Synthesizer Magazin stand. It offers:
Unique, high-end design :: Octopus technology at heart, Portable format, A live performer's dream, 16 concurrent tracks, Intuitive, real-time everything. Priced at 1399.- EUR :: Available July 1st, 2008
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That is such a beautiful machine. Brilliantly constructed and extremely intuitive.

The Nemo looks great, but that Octopus is something... been eyeballing that forever...

Looks like I'm on the hunt again

17-Mar-08 10:00 AM

fej    Said...

The video won't ever load, just the advert :-(

17-Mar-08 01:03 PM

Nick B    Said...

Seems to be okay now, been a little swamped - sorry about that

17-Mar-08 03:18 PM    Said...

No, it's still not working..

17-Mar-08 03:43 PM

Andy@sonic    Said...

fixed now... enjoy!

17-Mar-08 05:23 PM

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