Jarre's Oxygene in Birmingham

Pre show chat and tune up etc      28/03/08

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5:6 mins
There’s been a fair bit of excitement around the series of Jean Michel Jarre concerts where he tours the 1976 Oxygen album using much of the original synthesizers. Seems like everyone I know has a ticket a part from me... After Dave Robinson from ProsoundNewsEurope recounted his experience of the Dublin gig on our Sonic TALK 080 podcast - and also kindly donated a few pictures from the show, we’ve also had come into our possession several clips from Thursday nights Birmingham show. One of the points made was that the synthesizers are presented as equal stars of the show, as you can see in the clip where JMJ talks of them as classics “like the Stradivarius or the Stratocaster�. This is at the opening, just after emerging from an egg and just before the extended tuning sequence – for they do need a lot of tuning up. The next clip, a large (like really massive) mirror is lowered from the ceiling, enabling the audience to see what the players behind JMJ are up to. Apparently, there was a certain amount of plugging and unplugging going on to get these “old ladies� to perform. Enjoy.


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Marc JX8P    Said...

Cool! Like I stated elsewhere, I saw this in Brussels and as I don't really speak French I had trouble understanding what he was talking about, though I got the general gist. At least now I have heard the English version. That mirror was a brilliant idea!

31-Mar-08 07:09 AM

myspace/akaono    Said...

Hi Marc Mark here hehehe yes I saw him in Paris and had the same problem. I didnt know he was playing in Birmingham and I live here!!! hahahaha I hope he does equinoxe next year :)

31-Mar-08 07:12 AM

Oliver Davis - Roland UK    Said...

Just come back from one hell of a Jarre week! From Birmingham to Manchester and then London last night!


I also got to meet him and he signed my doughters birth certificate ! Ellie-Jarre : )

31-Mar-08 02:56 PM

the phantom    Said...

This video cuts off for me after about 20 seconds.

04-Apr-08 07:19 PM

www.juicyaudio.com    Said...


pITY THE ACTUAL music chunk fo the video was about 40 seconds, but there was one sound in there- i think in the warm up phase- that reminded me of my arp 2600 of years ago. It was this sync like sound, with what sounded like filter mod from one of the oscillators.

im gutted i missed the concert, cause im only 35 miles away.

05-Apr-08 01:58 PM

nick    Said...

Gald you enjoyed it. We cut the music coz it was really all about the chat and the synths - we dont want to get into trouble - there's copyrights etc

07-Apr-08 04:01 AM

DNA-Groove    Said...

I could've seen more of this show with Google Earth. Another step back and you guys could've shot this from orbit.

Given Jarre's ridiculously heavy French accent and the poor acoustics I think that some subtitles would help greatly.

This video is not much more than a disappointment, but thanks anyway... for the effort.

22-Apr-08 05:33 AM

Mansfield    Said...

My guess is that it was shot on a mobile phone. Excuse me for stating the bleeding obvious, but I imagine going into the show with any sort of video camera might have proved problematic no?

23-Apr-08 02:48 PM

Kerzwhile    Said...

Is there gonna be more of this posted or where can one purchase this video!????

05-May-08 04:36 PM

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