Wobbulator And The Gater

VST ring modulator and gate sequencer plug-ins      21/04/08

Wobbulator And The Gater

Buying Choices
SPC Plugins have two VST Plug-ins - The Wobbulator and The Gater available for Windows XP and Vista. Both are now available in upgraded versions.
The Wobbulator 2.2
The Wobbulator is a stereo ring modulator with distortion, sample rate reduction and cross-modulation.
Independent left and right LFOs with 96 waveforms (including 8 random shapes, 32 'sequencer' patterns and an envelope follower) can be locked to tempo at 24 rates.
SPC say that the controls are large and easy to adjust. Parameters have wide ranges, can be smoothly adjusted and 'intelligently' randomized. Most parameters have independent, easy-to-read displays.

The Gater 1.2
The Gater is a stereo 16th-note 'gate sequencer' with two envelope shapes and a pattern randomize feature.
Pricing and Availability:
The Wobbulator costs $10 USD
The Gater is freeware
More information:

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