The Humble Plectrum

Rob Chappers explains why its underrated      01/05/08

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We're not normally one for blatant axe-fueled content here, but we do have our moments. Witness the Line 6 Gold Bundle and Pocket Pod, TC Electronic Classic pedals etc, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have ace guitarist Rob Chappers tell us his thoughts on the simplest of accessories - the plectrum. Often overlooked as an easily discarded piece of plastic, the plectrum is the connection between a man and his plank and greatly affects the the tone and playing characteristics of the performer. In this rock-u-mentary, Rob takes us to Musik Messe to meet some of the best shredders in the business and talk plectrums, plus he throws in a couple of tips too. About Chappers
Rob is a great guitarist. He recently recorded with his band The Black Hand at Abbey Road with legendary rock producer Eddie Kramer (Hendrix, Led Zeppelin etc) where he was given significant kudos by the man. This sort of thing isn't unusual, he's often praised for his great technique and perhaps more importantly his feel and understanding of how and when to play - that and he's a great bloke too. Already a star via his Youtube channel and with endorsements from Orange, PRS and MXR, he's gearing up for some serious live work and promotion with his band The Black Hand - expect to see more of Rob soon.
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    Deac K    Said...

    Never realised there was so much to a pick, I gotta try some of them steel bad boys.

    Can't wait for the next post!

    01-May-08 03:31 PM

    Ronnie Rhoads    Said...

    Hey Rob, Picks are truly important to tone and playability. You however would sound good playing with an adobe shingle!! Love your playing!!

    01-May-08 05:53 PM

    croc with a k    Said...

    Nice summary of what picks are all about! Love the one made out of a Finnish credit card :D

    02-May-08 08:51 AM

    dean0razorback0usa    Said...

    i never knew there were so many different picks awsome vids i hope rob does more of these.

    02-May-08 09:01 AM

    Dave    Said...

    Another great video Rob. I always seem to change between a 0.08 copper Hotlicks and 0.93 Dunlop Gator Grip depending on how I feel. You've inspired me I might try a steel one. Mybe the Satch one. Cheers Mate.

    02-May-08 09:15 AM

    Joe    Said...

    That was a very useful video about the plectrum. I have noticed how different picks affect my tone too. You're awesome! (and so is the black hand :D)

    02-May-08 09:26 AM

    Rich    Said...

    Very interesting and well done Chappers...keep 'em coming.

    02-May-08 09:46 AM

    J C    Said...

    Very informative. Keep the reviews coming.

    02-May-08 10:22 AM

    Lemmedasker    Said...

    Nice work as always Chappers, hope you get to make loads of review vids, that'd be jawsome... Had no idea that guitar picks had become a religion where you can choose your own god... hehe... mine's Dunlop USA Tortex 1.14m for maximum monkey shreading!! niah!

    02-May-08 10:55 AM

    AndyPfizzle    Said...

    You are always fun to watch. Three cheers for Chappers.

    02-May-08 11:12 AM

    Adam Goodchild    Said...

    cool vid, i have got about 7 diff pics, but i only use one! ill give the others a go see what it feels like, cheers chappers

    02-May-08 11:40 AM

    Jonny    Said...

    Fantastic video. It's a good way to explain even the simplest things in guitar playing to mean so much.

    Rob is awesome!

    02-May-08 12:12 PM

    Gurkan Erdemli    Said...

    Great review Rob!!! Can't wait to see more!

    02-May-08 12:20 PM

    Jan Willem Chevalking    Said...

    Thanks for the great video Rob! There's lots to learn for me here. I really like the way you do these video's. Thanks for the inspiration!

    02-May-08 12:46 PM

    Dan    Said...

    You rock rob!

    Informative vid too. I think I'm gonna give jazz III's a try...

    02-May-08 01:42 PM

    Bryce    Said...


    02-May-08 01:51 PM

    John [Pellit]    Said...

    Excellent Rob, very good, I never knew there was so much thought in a pick. I choose the red Dunlop Jaz III's because of their sharp point - it's great for playing fast and they're very firm which is also great for shreddy solos :)

    02-May-08 02:08 PM

    Bert van Wijk    Said...

    Ialways thoght picks were just nothing. Really useful, my credit card finally has a use!

    02-May-08 02:36 PM

    niche773    Said...

    Great piece chappers very informative. I rotate between dunlop .96 picks and jazz three red or black picks. Sometimes i even use a dunlop stubby, im still trying to figure out which works best for me.

    02-May-08 02:54 PM

    Kaz    Said...

    This was easily the most relevant video or commentary I've ever seen on how a pick can impact your playing. Very praise-worthy!

    Go Chappers!

    Useless detail: I use Dunlop Tortex .88mm (Neon green!)

    02-May-08 05:25 PM

    Jesse Spellman    Said...

    Great video! Most informative piece I have ever seen pertaining to a highly overlooked key component to our playing...high five for that one and I hope you make a ton more!!

    02-May-08 05:41 PM

    Jesse Spellman    Said...

    Great video! Most informative piece I have ever seen pertaining to a highly overlooked key component to our playing...high five for that one and I hope you make a ton more!!

    02-May-08 05:42 PM

    K R (jcm900dude on youtube)    Said...

    A great and informative video! I use Jazz III plectra (the red ones) To me they just feel spot on.

    02-May-08 06:10 PM


    oh another awesome and interesting video from mr Chappers! Great Stuff!! xxx ps did you come across the pick of density.... its mine! its mine! ;-) xx

    03-May-08 02:29 AM

    Jonathan Smith    Said...

    Nice one Chappers - a great vid! Really good technical advice and clear demonstrations on techniques.

    03-May-08 02:41 AM

    Jörgen    Said...

    Great video! You are an inspireing person Rob! Greetings from Sweden /J

    03-May-08 03:18 AM

    Rob Chappers    Said...

    Holy cow!! Thanks everyone... I wasn't expecting that kind of response, I appreciate all the nice feedback :-)

    03-May-08 07:27 AM

    yoyodunno    Said...

    Rob Chappers is tha masta!! Nice info, i've used a penny and its not bad lol. Good advice on the pick angles and stuff too. :D

    03-May-08 11:35 AM

    AdiSalisbury    Said...

    Very informative, often completely forget about my picking hand!

    Nice video Mr Chappers

    03-May-08 03:15 PM

    A # Sharp    Said...

    Rob, another great vid. The credit card reminded me of my friend who used to use the plastic bit from the bag on a loaf of bread (actually saw them in a guitar shop once) I'm trying different ones at the moment including just fingers like Mark Knopfler.

    15-May-08 05:07 PM

    book_of_lies777    Said...

    I use the green Dunlop Tortexes for electric, and the blue Tortexes for acoustic & bass

    17-May-08 08:17 AM

    book_of_lies777    Said...

    I use the green Dunlop Tortexes for electric, and the blue Tortexes for acoustic & bass

    17-May-08 08:17 AM

    toxik2005    Said...

    nice one rob, im glad you posted this video as most people overlook the plectrum!

    all i have to say is.. Jim Dunlop Jazz III for the win!


    19-May-08 07:09 AM

    Martin Petersen (DK)    Said...

    Really an amazingly informative video from an amazing guitarist.

    Sonicstate: We wan't more from this chap!

    ... and I've got to show this to my upcomming guitar "techie" too ;-)


    20-May-08 02:45 AM

    chimpboyjay    Said...

    Awesome video. But you still can't beat a M n' M.

    27-May-08 04:50 PM

    CountFeedback    Said...

    Cool! but i think the Celluloid pick came before nylon. makes me think maybe it's time to try something new but mother of toilet seat Celluloid pearl looks so nice.

    01-Jun-08 07:41 AM

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