Eight Classic Basses For Reason

Propellerhead Software introduces Reason Electric Bass ReFill      21/05/08

Eight Classic Basses For Reason

Propellerhead Software has announced the Reason Electric Bass ReFill . They say that Reason Electric Bass captures the soul of the bass guitar, delivering amazingly realistic electric bass sounds for music producers of all contemporary music genres.
Reason Electric Bass consists of a number of Combinator patches for Reason 4 with samples of eight classic electric bass guitars. Each patch also contains a number of performance embellishments like release samples, hammer-ons, and glissandos yielding, say Propellerhead, the most organic sounding bass instrument on any platform.
The product ships on two DVDs containing both 16-bit and 24-bit versions of the sound library. The 16-bit version is lighter on the CPU and is suitable for composing and production work, while the 24-bit version is good to use at final mixing. The two are easily interchanged.
All instruments were captured using Propellerhead Software’s Hypersampling method. To capture every nuance of each instrument’s sonic character, each was recorded at multiple velocity levels, using both direct inputs and multiple sets of microphones through two different dedicated bass rigs. Propellerhead say that, with all the signals available separately in Reason, Reason Electric Bass users can select and mix between combinations of mics and direct from pickups to truly attain that “live bass player� sound.
Kristoffer Wallman, Content Manager at Propellerhead Software, had this to say, “If you thought bass sounds were just bass sounds, think again. These instruments are gritty, soulful, alive. Substituting Reason Electric Bass for your bass tracks will have dramatic positive affects your computer-based music production, really making them come alive and breathe.�
Reason Electric Bass, the fourth in the series of hypersampled ReFills from Propellerhead, fills out the “backline� of the rhythm section, alongside Reason Pianos and Reason Drum Kits. Featured instruments
  • Fender Jazz Bass (1968)
    String type: roundwound. Playing style: fingered.
  • Fender Precision Bass (1965)
    String type: flats. Playing style: fingered.
  • Gibson Les Paul (1969)
    String type: vintage roundwound. Playing style: fingered.
  • Rickenbacker 4001 (1974)
    String type: roundwound. Playing style: Picked.
  • Gibson EB-0 (1970)
    String type: roundwound. Playing style: fingered.
  • Kay Hollowbody (1963)
    String type: flats. Playing style: Picked.
  • MusicMan Stingray Fretless (2001)
    String type: flats, 5-string. Playing style: fingered
  • Fender Precision Bass (1978)
    String type: roundwound. Playing style: picked.
Pricing and Availability:
The Reason Electric Bass ReFill will be available from Propellerhead dealers worldwide as well as online through Propellerhead’s Propshop on May 28, 2008.
MSRP is EUR €120 / USD $129. More information:

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