The Synthesizer Chronicles

New Japanese Magazine Features A Whole Lotta Synths      06/06/08

The Synthesizer Chronicles
Cute, Ain't It?

Buying Choices
The August issue of Otona No Kagaku (that's Adult Of Science, if like me you’re not fluent in Japanese) will be a synth themed edition called the ‘Synthesizer Chronicle’. It will feature interviews from Ryuichi Sakamoto, Tomita and Fumitaka Anzai (who regular ‘Technomania’ viewers may remember as being the guy who built a Mini Moog out of Lego).

The cover features an SX 150 Gakken Analog Synthesizer which appears to be a stylus driven module attached to a tiny Theremin. (Hmmm…whatever it is, I WANT one!)
The magazine is published in Japan by Gakken who also produced an issue on the Theremin last year (see links).
The Synthesizer Chronicle edition will be available from July 30th and is a snip at 3200Yen. (that’s around $30…Ouch, But worth every cent I'm sure!)

Simon Power

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