MAGIX Expands Support For AlphaTrack

Samplitude and Sequoia have native mode support for the DAW Controller      13/06/08

MAGIX Expands Support For AlphaTrack

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With the release of V10.1 of their flagship DAW programs Samplitude and Sequoia, MAGIX has greatly expanded its support for the popular AlphaTrack controller by Frontier Design Group. Here, in their own words, is what Frontier Design have to say about this latest support…
AlphaTrack has been designed from scratch to make the job of recording and editing audio a more efficient and enjoyable process. Those who are used to working with only a mouse and keypad may find large hardware controllers too daunting to use or too expensive to purchase. AlphaTrack defies both of those descriptions by packing a lot of power into a package that is just as easy to use as it is easy on your wallet.
Installation and operation of AlphaTrack with Samplitude or Sequoia is incredibly simple. MAGIX now includes native mode support for AlphaTrack through a special control surface file that is pre-installed with the application. After installing the basic AlphaTrack driver on your Windows machine, simply launch Samplitude or Sequoia and add AlphaTrack to the Hardware Controllers panel. That’s it! You’re ready to begin mixing and editing in a new, and refreshing way. With AlphaTrack and Samplitude or Sequoia you can use familiar tactile controls with immediate access to your Aux, EQ, and Plug-in settings, write automation with a high-resolution fader, and navigate your project with the touch of a finger. Be creative again with MAGIX new “Active Control� feature that lets you click on almost any onscreen parameter knob and control it instantly with AlphaTrack’s fader!
According to Product Specialist Brian George, "The folks at MAGIX have stepped up to the plate in a big way with V10.1. AlphaTrack has so much to offer, and now Samplitude and Sequoia users can take full advantage of it!" Complete details of what AlphaTrack can do with Samplitude, Sequoia, and a host of other applications, are available now at the Frontier Design Group web site.
AlphaTrack is a compact controller with a high-resolution fader for DAW mixing and editing which fits easily on the desktop and is also a great companion for laptops. AlphaTrack runs in Windows XP/Vista and Mac OS X (including Intel Macs). AlphaTrack connects to the computer using a single USB cable and does not require an external power supply.
Since its introduction in 2007, AlphaTrack has garnered numerous industry awards, including Electronic Musician's 2008 Editors' Choice Award, the 2008 Remix Technology Award, the Computer Music Performance Award, the iXBT Original Design Award, and most recently AlphaTrack received the June 08 Editors Pick award from Guitar Player magazine.
AlphaTrack works with over 20 audio programs including all the major Digital Audio Workstations.
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