New Mic For Location Recording

Rode announce the NTG-3 shotgun mic      13/06/08

New Mic For Location Recording

Rode have introduced the new NTG-3 - a precision, broadcast-grade shotgun microphone. Rode tell us that the NTG-3 is the result of years of development by their engineers, providing the professional broadcast and film industries with an affordable yet uncompromising microphone. Here’s the rest of what they have to say about it…
Using a technology known as RF-bias the Rode NTG-3 is almost completely resistant to moisture, making it the only option when recording in any demanding environments where condensation is an issue. Be it in a tropical rainforest, arid desert or sub-zero snowstorm the NTG-3 can be relied on to faithfully record audio where traditional condenser microphones would fail.
In addition to its robust properties the NTG-3 combines very low weight (163g), a durable anti-glare finish and incredibly low handling and self-noise (13dBA) to become Rode’s premier A/V microphone.
When not in use the NTG-3 can be stored away in the included weather resistant aluminium storage cylinder, providing additional protection when travelling and storing the microphone.
Peter Freedman, President of Rode Microphones, told us, “The new NTG-3 is one of Rode’s most exciting microphones. I am confident that the robustness afforded by RF bias technology, combined with incredibly low self-noise and handling noise make the NTG-3 a clear market leader in the broadcast-grade shotgun microphone category.�
Australian sound recording guru, Ric Creaser (60 Minutes, Survivor, Australian Idol), was given the opportunity to field test the NTG-3 as a part of Rode’s thorough product development, he had this to say, “The NTG-3 has amazingly low handling noise, which will make it a boom operator’s dream mic. The audio quality is exceptional; providing the full bodied, robust, punchy audio I have come to expect from only the most expensive high-end broadcast shotgun microphones. I plan to use the Rode NTG-3 as my main microphone from now on - it is outstanding.�
  • Designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions
  • 50% less self-noise than the majority of shotgun microphones
  • True condenser (externally RF biased)
  • Extremely low handling noise
  • High level of immunity to radio frequency broadcast
  • Superior broadcast sound quality
  • Weather resistant aluminium storage cylinder included
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