SNAMM08: Future-Proof DJ CD Player

Numark DDS80 offers function for today and compatibility for tomorrow      22/06/08

SNAMM08: Future-Proof DJ CD Player

Numark has announced the DDS80, which they describe as the forward-looking CD player for DJ performance.
Numark say that the DDS80 is the world’s only future-proof CD player for the DJ. They tell us that it provides DJs with the combination of everything they love about CD players and everything they need for incorporating future formats into their performances. The CD player features convenient USB ports for connection of modern media devices such as thumb and hard drives, iPods, MP3 players; and an included 80GB removable/upgradeable hard drive stores a limitless library of music.
DDS80’s unique blend of media with a high definition color screen and Numark’s intuitive Crate music management software give the mobile DJ incomparable visual control of their music, say the company. Carefully crafted around the way DJs work and play, they believe that the DDS80 takes the questions out of mixing media formats and puts the answers back in the hands of the DJ.
A spokesman told us, “DDS80 is a powerhouse, cutting-edge CD player that combines the rock-solid DJ performance of a traditional DJ CD player with the forward-looking media compatibility of hard drive and USB connections.�
The key features of DDS80 include:
  • CD player with integrated hard drive
  • Large backlit, full-color display
  • Key lock for maintaining key (pitch) while shifting tempo
  • Seamless looping, pitch control, and scratching capability via jog wheels
  • Text search, letter-pick scrolling, and on-board playlist creation
  • Three USB ports for connecting iPods, thumb drives, and hard drives
  • Enables music to be played from two devices simultaneously, including two songs from the same iPod
  • Users can scratch with MP3, WAV, and AAC (unprotected) files
  • Pitch control from -100% ... +25%
  • Beatkeeper technology for seamless integration of samples and loops with tap override
  • Searches via two large jog wheels and uses skip peak searching in profiles
  • Two front-panel USB ports for easy expansion and connection
  • 5RU total, or 3RU + 2RU, fits standard 19-inch equipment racks
Pricing and Availability:
DDS80 will be available Q3-2008 from music and pro audio retailers. More information:

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