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Instruments and production      04/07/08

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Third, the new album from Portishead has been out for a couple of months now, to much critical acclaim. It’s a darker and less commercial record than previous but still seems to have done well in many countries. Unusually the band played a bunch of shows before the album was released (due to a change in schedules). Good thing they did as the audience have been gagging for it. After all, it’s been getting on for 10 year since their last major release. So what’s been going on? I popped over to guitarist, synth-freak and co-producer Adrian Utley’s crib to have a chat about synthesizers, studio stuff and to take a look around. This is the first installment. Nick Batt


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shekhar dhain    Said...

adrian utley is a legend...all that jazz "sensibility" with a real passion for analog. Respect! :-D

He's using a later arp 2600, which are better all round than the older blue marvin's and grey face jobs, cause havign owned a grey one...(shudders). Trust me, the newer ones were and are easier to fix.

the analog systems sorcerer is a beaut and hes integrated it all with doepfer and plan b stuff, which is delicioux! doepfer stuff is too small for many hands though (including mine!).

04-Jul-08 08:51 AM

Mandroid    Said...

Really enjoyed this! wonderfully interesting interview :) thanks Adrian..looking forward to the next part

04-Jul-08 03:12 PM

Antonio Sage    Said...

I myself am highly influenced by Adrian's music. But I am almost equally impressed by his baby's ability to sit still though all that boring (to a young mind) Modular business. Priceless to see the child's eyes marveling at all the lights and buttons.


06-Jul-08 03:53 PM

Noiseconformist    Said...

very nice interview and the most quiet little young lady I saw for a very long time ... ;-) will check out "third"!

17-Jul-08 08:03 PM

Chris    Said...

In my opinion this is a great video of a great person! Thanks a lot,

12-Jun-09 02:32 AM

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