IK 2-For-1 Deal

IK Multimedia announce Vintage FX & Keys Promotion for July and August      07/07/08

IK 2-For-1 Deal

Launched on July 1st and lasting through August 31, 2008, IK Multimedia has announced the Vintage FX & Keys Promotion, where customers may purchase and register any of the qualifying* IK Multimedia plug-in based music production software: SampleTron, SampleMoog, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix or AmpliTube Metal and they will receive one free IK effect plug-in download. (Up to a $339.99/€249.99 value)
Here’s all the details in IK’s own words…
From July 1st to August 31st, 2008, IK Multimedia offers you the hottest deal of the season; the Vintage FX & Keys Promo- giving musicians and producers the ultimate vintage gear collection just TWO for the price of ONE, or get ALL FOUR programs for just 1/3 of the regular prices! Get access to a dream collection of rare vintage sounds and effects for your studio and heat up your inspiration this Summer with samples and models of legendary synths, keyboards, stomps, amps and effects worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!
  • Option #1: Buy SampleMoog or SampleTron for just $329.99/€249.99 or crossgrade for as low as $269.99/€199.99** and get the other one FREE*!!!
    Purchase one of these virtual instruments, register it and then get both for an astonishing collection of 33 of the rarest and most valuable synths and keyboards of all time, including the Modular Moog®, Minimoog®, Polymoog, Taurus™, Prodigy, Vocoder, Rogue, Memorymoog, Mellotron®, Optigan®, Chamberlin® and many more.
  • Option #2: Buy AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix or AmpliTube Metal for just $269.99/€199.99 or crossgrade for as low as $229.99/€169.99 and get the other FREE*!!!
    Expand your gear collection with a monster setup of models of some of the most sought-after gear that made music history, including 23 classic pedals like the Univox™ UniVibe™, Arbiter® Fuzz Face®, EH® Big Muff Pi, DigiTech® Whammy™ and more, plus a dream collection of amp models, including the Marshall JTM™ 1959 and JMP™ 1959 mkII, Fender® Bassman®, Twin® and Dual Showman®, Mesa/Boogie® Triple Rectifier™, Peavey® 5150 and Randall® Warhead.
  • Option #3: Get all four programs together for only $399.99/€299.99, just 1/3 of their regular price!!!
    Save money this Summer and outfit your studio with a rare vintage collection of the famous gear and signature sounds that made legends out of the musicians who used them, for a mere fraction of the price!
* Purchase and register one of these products during the promotional time period and the other free product listed will be supplied as a download from the IK User area. Date of registration is decisive - The purchased software must be registered between July 1st and August 31st, 2008
** Customer must own at least 1 IK product to qualify for the crossgrade pricing.
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