Profile: Adrian Utley - Portishead - PT3

Mics, Univox and record companies      14/07/08

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Fortunately for us when we visited Portishead's Adrian Utley co producer, writer and guitarist, he was in a chatty mood. So as a result, this is the third installment of our meeting, he treats us to a look at his Univox, the "four quid guitar" and we talk of what has changed for a signed band since their last release. Then we take a look at his mic collection... Nick Batt

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tomi    Said...

thanks again

14-Jul-08 08:41 AM

z    Said...

NICE series!

14-Jul-08 10:13 AM

shekhar dhain    Said...

thanks again guys, as your vids always inspire me to slope off to my "studio" and start noodling. My only issue is i have "zen archer syndrome"; i dont like spendign TOO LONG working on an idea, as the original mood or vibe then becomes forced

14-Jul-08 02:00 PM

Javier    Said...

Cool, thanx. keep it coming...

14-Jul-08 10:29 PM

pitchshifted madness    Said...

the whole audio & video is being broadcast too fast, hear the high pitched voice of both of them :-S

15-Jul-08 07:40 AM

Nick B    Said...

Really, I cant hear that at all. No one else appears to have noticed - anyone?

15-Jul-08 09:30 AM

crabclaw    Said...

no it's fine here great series btw! thanks a lot

15-Jul-08 11:27 AM

akaono    Said...

audio is fine here also he must have is soundcard set to a higher freq.

15-Jul-08 02:14 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...

lol@pitchshifted madness

maybe you need to cut down on those drops youre putting in the ribena, bud.

15-Jul-08 05:28 PM

lldaj    Said...

is there a 4th part ? what's coming next ?

thanks a lot for this great series !!

16-Jul-08 06:44 AM

ejhyrj    Said...

is there a 4th part ?

great stuff ! thanks !

16-Jul-08 06:44 AM

Nick B    Said...

Yep, one more to come

16-Jul-08 09:46 AM    Said...

Thanks Nick!

Great stuff! Especially after a day arguing with builders (I won BTW!)

16-Jul-08 11:12 AM

dasdasfgfdsads    Said...

Why's he whining about feeding his kids? Take a look at the place! Old-timer for sure.

17-Jul-08 05:39 PM

mg    Said...

dasdasfgfdsads - you know nothing.

quality work, excellent interview,

09-Jan-09 10:04 PM

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