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2008 event just finished      14/07/08

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I've not been to Cambridge before and therefore not attended the Synth DIY UK (a gathering of synth builders and modifiers) show either. But both were a pleasant surprise, the city is a wonderfully picturesque place with punts on the river, students on bikes and the feel of a place of learning. The show, now in it's sixth year at Robinsons College brought many makers from all over the country and some from overseas. The austere brick complex of the college is not unlike being inside a level of a classic shoot'em up like Quake or Doom, as organizer Neil Johnson put it. On display were several Oakley Modular systems, Maplin, E&MM, Doefper, EMS, Chameleon and many more. We spoke to Neil, the event organizer and creator of a souped-up Jen SX1000 in the first of a few short pieces from the show that celebrates it’s 10th year next year... Thanks to all at the show for being so welcoming. Nick Batt


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shekhar dhain    Said...

interesting stuff.

FACT: I sold my roland V-SYNTH to tony algood last year. A very nice bloke, and a pity he no longer makes modular gear.

14-Jul-08 01:30 PM

Neil Johnson    Said...

Eee gads - me on TV! What a great weekend, so much to see, so much to play with. This video gives a good overview of the event (and a bit of me :). More to come!

PS: Oakley modular is alive and well - follow the link above.

14-Jul-08 01:41 PM

Paul    Said...


Thanks for coming along to our little geek-party, it was good to put some faces to some names/voices.

Actually though, this was the 8th event, we missed a year last year due to work/family commitments. so it's our 9th year.

Next year is the big tenth anniversary and we're hoping to do something special.


14-Jul-08 03:57 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Looks like a great event, and the Jen modification is brilliant (even though I don't know the original but it sounds great!).

14-Jul-08 04:06 PM

Chris Strellis    Said...

Thanks Nick and Mark for coming along. It was great to see you guys and to meet Matrixsynth in person. Thanks for posing ith me for the "fan boy" pic :)

I'll ask more interesting questions next time when I'm better prepared! I'll be listening to you guys in the next pod cast.

15-Jul-08 05:08 AM

Nick B    Said...

Guys, it was a pleasure. Can you send me a copy of the photo?

Next time, I'll try and stick around for the saturday night.


15-Jul-08 05:24 AM

www.soundclick.com/GuruOne    Said...

Good stuff

My fav. bit: How Nick couldn't wait to get his mits on Jen..... hehe



15-Jul-08 07:10 AM


hehe, gotcha! see http://sonicstate.tv/play.php?vid=231 I like that firm twist when you turn the knobs ... Michael/Vienna.

16-Jul-08 07:09 PM

Noiseconformist    Said...

Chris Strellis wrote: >I'll ask more interesting >questions next time when I'm >better prepared!

I can see your point. I didn't do much of my "homework" either so now it's up to me and ask all that questions that come up now, after the weekend. (not only regarding Sonic State). :-) Michael/Vienna

17-Jul-08 03:16 AM

Steveo    Said...

Interesting - pity I missed it....for next year I suggest a bit of advance warning - maybe a post on TGS - I am sure you'd attracted a LOT more visitors.

17-Jul-08 06:32 AM

shekhar dhain    Said...

interesting...oakley still in action, but im sure i was told a year ago that it wasnt to be?

i wouldnt mind bringing along some analog goodies, as cambridge is only up the road from me :-)

22-Jul-08 05:15 PM

shekhar dhain    Said...


oakley is effectively a lot of people doign various bits and pieces now.

22-Jul-08 07:20 PM

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