SynthDIY: Maplin 4600 Built From Kit

Lovely 4 osc monster      15/07/08

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You don't get to see these very often, and even more unusual to see the synth with its original builder. Alan Needham built this in 1977/8 from a kit from Maplin (a UK project electronics supplier still in business) after seeing it demoed at a music store. There were several Maplin Modular models, the 4600 boasted 4 oscillators, 3 Envelopes/Transients, a nice spring reverb and 2 multi-mode non resonant filters, plus a lot more besides and was patched using a pinboard matrix similar to the EMS type. Many thanks to Alan for showing it. Nick Batt


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David Morley    Said...

I have one of these with a silver panel. Needs a bit of attention though! Nice machines.

16-Jul-08 02:30 AM

Andreas Wetterberg    Said...

I have one - black with more classic black/chrome knobs on it. The case is flightcase styled. I even have the manual for it, too, complete with pics of a swanky 70s rock band going at it, hehe. I may still sell mine, since it's so enormous! a [at] thecovertoperators [dot] org

16-Jul-08 09:17 PM

Mike Tillman    Said...

Great to see another ETI 4600 synth. If Alan Needham sees this, can he get in contact as I would like to include details and pictures of his synth on my new website dedicated to the ETI 4600 synth ( Contact details are on the website. You can also see pictures of my 4600 which is in fantastic condition!

17-Aug-08 03:40 AM

Mike Tillman    Said...

Oh sorry... AND David Morley and Andreas Wetterberg!


17-Aug-08 03:41 AM

TG    Said...

Shame there is so much talking and not much playing, it would be nice to see what it can do and how it sounds..

14-Oct-08 02:36 AM

Mike Tillman    Said...

I will be adding sounds on the website as soon as I get round to it!!! Keep checking.

31-Oct-08 09:46 AM

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