Upgrade Little Phatty

Moog offer Stage Edition to Stage II upgrade      15/07/08
Upgrade Little Phatty

Moog tell us that you can upgrade your LP Stage Edition to to the latest edition of the Little Phatty, the Stage II. The Stage II adds MIDI over USB connectivity. Users can order the field upgrade and do it themselves, or get a factory upgrade.
The MIDI over USB requires a change to the side input panel (see picture). All other features (MIDI Clock Sync, Arpeggiator and Tap Tempo) are firmware-based, and are available for download free from the Moog website. Pricing and Availability:
Stage Edition to Stage II upgrade: $150.00 More information:
  • www.moogmusic.com


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    shekhar dhain    Said...

    on a tangent- but still related- when are moog going to get around to making a revamped TAURUS pedal variant? second hand prices are fantastically stratospheric, so there is a demand there...

    but perhaps the ultimate killer from them, would be a memorymoog-esque synth. My memories of that beauty/beast still bring a chuckle to this day..accompanied by shivers down the spine! ;-D

    15-Jul-08 07:07 AM

    Nick B    Said...

    Taurus reissue - top idea.

    Re Memory Moog, I spoke to Bob about this in the past when we did an interview with him and he said it was an enormous amount of work - it may be that they are going to take another look, but they are busy with the guitar I imagine..

    15-Jul-08 07:31 AM

    diz    Said...

    actually, a two-voice, bi-timbral voyager would be a big improvement, but the thing is already costy.

    i have owned memorymoogs and, well, in the end the sound has such a distinctive flavor I was mostly tweaking to avoid/create something different. I don't know why anyone would need more than 4 voices for analog synth sounds unless they're a progger.

    15-Jul-08 09:41 AM

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