Profile: Adrian Utley - Portishead - PT4

Bent hardware, software and live      21/07/08

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10:11 mins
In the last episode of our lengthy chat with Adrian Utley we take a look at some of his circuit bent toys, talk software synthesis, polysynths and translating the latest album Third into the live world with the use of ancient digital mixing desks. Finally we have a little tour of the modular setup. Many thanks to Adrian for his generosity and valuable time in the making of this series. Nick Batt


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Sven from Spain    Said...

Now this was another damn good series!Nice to see some artists out there tilting the lit a bit about how some of their ideas came together.A lot more exciting than some guy sitting behind his computer the whole time.These guys at least dare to experiment.

21-Jul-08 11:22 AM

shekhar dhain    Said...

i liek the rough and ready feel of this one, which is cherried up by the "my tape's about to run out" :-D

CLASS...i never knew digidesign front end pa's were 12bit??

21-Jul-08 01:16 PM

nick b    Said...

It was the last one after all..

Its not the Digidesign front end was 12-bit it's the Yamah DMP-7 that I think was.

21-Jul-08 03:12 PM

manofthemountain    Said...

thanks sonic state and adrian! was kinda waiting on the album, but these videos sold me!

22-Jul-08 02:17 AM

manofthemountain    Said...

thanks sonic state and adrian! was kinda waiting to buy the album but these videos sold me! great to see all that analog equipment.

22-Jul-08 02:18 AM

shekhar dhain    Said...

thanks for correcting me there nick, as i did seriously think that couldnt have been right (hits forehead).

22-Jul-08 01:46 PM

JG    Said...

that really delivered. thanks.

22-Jul-08 09:41 PM

hui    Said...

Great series - thanks Nick & Adrian!

23-Jul-08 10:07 PM

Dutchland    Said...

I enjoyed watching that, thanx Adrian and Nick

03-Aug-08 01:19 PM

Stanly Cole    Said...

That was amazing ! I love that record even more now.Thanx

05-Aug-08 04:27 PM

tob    Said...

Fantastic series, thanks a lot!

06-Aug-08 06:33 AM

Mike    Said...

This was by far the best gear-related interview I have ever seen. Thanks to Sonic State and Adrian.

14-Aug-08 01:53 PM

Ian    Said...

Excellent, what a top bloke Adrian is, no ego nonsense there!

16-Aug-08 05:41 AM

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