Way Out West Studio Tour

Analog fest from the Bristol production team.      22/08/08

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10:32 mins
Way Out West have been at it - (making cutting edge progressive house that is) for over 10 years. The Bristol based duo of Jody Wisternoff and Nick Warren are both experienced DJs as well as applying their talents to production. With two albums already released: 1997’s Way Out West on Deconstruction and 2001’s Intensify, followed by their third �Don’t Look Know� in 2004. Album four is reportedly on the way, with new single "Spaceman" just. It’s been a long process, three albums in ten years ain’t exactly prolific, but they’ve been hard at work remixing too, with over 75 mixes to their credit as Way Out West and many more as individuals. Some of the acts knocking on the door for a sprinkle of their magic dust have been: Art of Noise, BBE, Dubstar, Faithless, M-People , Marcella Detroit, Orb, Orbital, Paul Van Dyk, BT. Their secret studio laboratory is a shrine to working in the analog way – with synthesizer performance at it’s heart. We were lucky enough to get a look around. Many thanks to FeedBack PR for there help in making this happen.


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N/A    Said...

Whats the name of the song they play that the start?

22-Aug-08 03:31 PM

N/A    Said...


24-Aug-08 03:50 PM

Sam    Said...

Awesome job Sonic State! Thanks for this.

28-Aug-08 04:09 PM

Rocco Sapareto    Said...

Very interesting. I used to work at Synthony music in Scottsdale Arizona.....I have an extremem love for the old analogs....I have kept some of them. Yamaha cs-50 &60 cs-01. Arp Odyssey and Axxe. Just recently sold my Quadra.

02-Sep-08 10:35 AM

Gonza    Said...

This is really amazing thanks this will have very good that these things are very important data to take into account and have to know more ... thanks!

04-Sep-08 05:48 PM

Jago    Said...

That looks like my old Jupiter 8....

I wonder if Nick asked Jody where he got it. I know he paid £3k for it ;)

Nice video, nice gear...

14-Sep-08 12:52 PM

Benedict Johnson http://www.myspace.com/weaponEXmusic    Said...

Fascinating. More like this please!

20-Sep-08 09:21 AM

Mustafa ÅžAHÄ°N    Said...

ı love this song...

13-Oct-08 11:57 AM

KORGIE    Said...

Do these guys know how to play music? cause the demos that they show on the video seems not? maybe someone else plays for them? he he he

13-Oct-08 08:31 PM

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