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New Album From Warp's Nightmares On Wax      28/08/08

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No mid 90’s DJ set was complete without a track from Smoker’s Delight, The seminal Trippy Hop offering from DJ/producer George Evelyn AKA Nightmares On Wax.
And now he’s back with his sixth album ‘…Thought So’ released Monday on Warp Records (UK).

With more than an ample dose of laptop wizardry on show, the album features a plethera of warm blissed out grooves, rootsy reggae and gentle, deep fried funk. Not entirely a progression from previous outings, but none the less this new collection of tracks passes the ‘multiple listens’ test with ease. With something this chilled, we could perhaps have done with it earlier in the summer, but then again it could be argued…What summer?

You can check out the sublime Les Nuits from 1999 on the video above and listen to selected tracks from ‘…Thought So’ at the Nightmares On Wax MySpace page

Simon Power

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