Compression In A Bathtub

de la mancha release a new compressor plug-in      25/09/08

Compression In A Bathtub

de la mancha have released bathtub, a new compressor plug-in. Here’s what they have to say about it…
bathtub is more than just a simple compressor. It does multi-band compression, multi-layer parallel compression, series compression, mid/side compression, Left/Right compression, RMS/Peak detection, side-chaining, look-ahead, limiting & maximizing and has comprehensive metering and clip counting.
bathtub is really 2 flexible and configurable stereo compressors that can be routed to be in series or parallel, can be fed the input signal split into high/low frequencies or full band, and can perform as different styles of compressor, limiter or maximizer to produce a range of flavours and effects. The metering shows you visually what is happening too, so you can see how much compression and gain you are getting.
some examples of configuration could include;
  • parallel RMS and peak compressors
  • series RMS into peak compressor
  • series peak into RMS compressor
  • series compressor into limiter
  • parallel mid and side compressors
  • parallel left and right compressors
  • 2 band compression, mono low, wider high
  • parallel compressors different settings
…but there are many other combinations to try.
  • 2 Band multi-function compressor with comprehensive metering
  • Flexible controls allow use as a compressor, limiter or maximiser
  • Can be used as a single band compressor, dual band compressor, dual parallel compressor or dual series compressor
  • 2 bands can be split high / low freq or full spectrum
  • 2 bands can be in parallel or series
  • Fully adjustable frequency split point with adjustable overlap/gap of bands
  • Each band has a full set of independent compression controls for different compression flavours in each
  • Each band has stereo balance for independent Left and Right channel compression
  • Each band has mid/side stereo narrow/width control, which can be used to narrow the low frequency and spread the high, or have independent mid/side compression
  • Either or both bands can use sidechaining to drive the compressor from an external signal
  • Either or both bands can be muted to help with sound design or save CPU in single band mode
  • Attack / Release curve can be linear or non-linear
  • Stereo input detection can be linked or unlinked
  • Input detection can be filtered to reduce distortion at short release times
  • Input detection can be stereo average or max level
  • Input detection can be Peak or RMS level with adjustable window
  • Optional soft limit at final output
  • Look-ahead defined by user in ms
  • Wet/Dry mix control allows blending of dry uncompressed signal for NY style parallel compression
  • Metering for each band and combined output, covers stereo input, output and gain, gain reduction and clip indicator/counter, with adjustable sensitivity. All meters show actual and peak levels
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