Sonic TALK Records Live This Week

And from now on.      06/10/08
After the fun we had during the 100th Sonic TALK show the other week, the panelists and I have decided to do more live shows. That is, we record the show while streaming it live every Wednesday at 4pm GMT. The downloadable version will be produced as usual and published the following day (Thursdays). What Does It All Mean?
It means that you can join us in the chat room and participate in real-time with panelists and other listeners via the Flash based chat app we have over at - btw, this chat application is always there if you want to check in and see who's hanging out. Panelists Include
Rich Hilton - member of the Chic band and studio engineer/collaborator with Nile Rodgers
Hiltonius Dave Spiers - from GFORCE Software and experienced live and studio musician
GForce Software NonEric - the straight-talking proprietor of, Germany's premier music production website. Dave Robinson - editor of Pro Sound News Europe and man about town. Mark Tinley - veteran sound artist and technician of many years on the road and in the studio with Duran Duran and all round interesting bloke. PJ Tracy – stateside studio owner, composer and musician from Minneapolis Richard Evans –-member of the Peter Gabriel Band, and regularly working on international music productions Me - (Nick Batt) editor of Other panelists too! So, from Weds 8th October at 4pm GMT and every following Wednesday (barring any non-show weeks), come join us for Sonic TALK LIVE! Nick Batt


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13 Comments...  Post a comment    original story    Said...

YAY!!!... Great move



06-Oct-08 04:49 AM

Nick B    Said...

Thanks, it should be fun. The champagne element will not be happening this time though, and we'll probably skip the video feed. But the live audio for sure.

06-Oct-08 05:44 AM    Said...

Are you sure Dave will be able to go booze-free for 1+ hr? LOL

06-Oct-08 06:05 AM

d    Said...

Does this mean i won't be able to listen to this as an mp3 or on iTunes at my convince ? as i you and life and stuff !

06-Oct-08 01:42 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Ahh Nick,

you definitively listen to your customers whishes,man ! THX ! On the other side I don`t want to drive dave and you into straight alcoholism...I already got enough similar patients...

So better count me and my med advice in for the next AA / SonicT meeting !

Cya,Red !

06-Oct-08 01:48 PM

Nick B    Said...

d, no it doesnt, we'll still be posting the MP3 as usual on thursday, just streaming the recording live as we do it.

06-Oct-08 02:30 PM

Nick B    Said...

BTW, neither of us actually drinks that much :-)

06-Oct-08 02:31 PM

RedWalks    Said...

Naw,Nick !

...u`ll have to defend an image to the world, IMHO, u and most of ur cast are brits ! ;-P

Cya,Red !

06-Oct-08 07:09 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Great to hear! Pity it's so early though - an hour later would be perfect but at this time I won't be able to join a lot.

07-Oct-08 05:01 AM

Nick B    Said...

Sorry Marc, it's a bit of a timezone juggling act here

07-Oct-08 07:28 AM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Np, I'll see if I can join halfway though.

08-Oct-08 08:40 AM

Bernard    Said...

We are at GMT + 1 Hour (UK BST), looks like you went out at 3PM GMT (4PM BST).

08-Oct-08 11:43 AM

Derek    Said...

... drank yourselves right out of the podcast this week, didn't you? ;)

Ready and waiting when for when it's out...

09-Oct-08 11:49 AM

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