Podcast Sonic TALK105 - What's The Worst That Could Happen?

Recession and creativity, Dr Pepper promo, Soundtracks, twitch face, Vemia      30/10/08

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56:5 mins
This week our streaming woes appear to be over with the introduction of the Stickam service, everything appeared to go smoothly which makes for a much better experience for all concerned. So as well as the many listeners who joined us in the chatroom at Sonicstate.com/live, I was also joined by Rich Hilton from Chic and long time studio geezer with Nile Rodgers, Dave Spiers fresh from the final release of the M-Tron Pro, GForce Software's latest instrument, PJ Tracy composer, player, studio guy from Minneapolis, and Mark Tinley - sound artist, engineer and top notch programmer. After hellos and discussion of various ailments we move on to the current economic climate and what that might mean for music, as well as plucking a few artists from the charts in the last two Uk recessions, then we're on to Dr Pepper and Chinese Democracy - thats the new album/single from Axel Rose, the mesmerizing Daito Manabe's MAX/MSP twitch patch video is up next, followed by the forthcoming Vemia Auction - a great place to find all things electronic and vintage, Nick kicks off the movie soundtrack topic with a burst of John Carpenter's Assault On Precinct 13, after which the team tell us of their own favourites, then we finish with Asiohead's MIDI file spotting and also some advice on how to Get Stuff Done. Remember... Join Us Live!
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Ham    Said...

yeah audio stream for the live show worked perfect this time

30-Oct-08 09:38 AM

Dan A.    Said...

As for film soundtracks, I've always liked John Williams' Sabrina:


Nice slow jazz with trombone throughout. Great for low-lit evenings.

30-Oct-08 02:16 PM

Marc JX8P    Said...

Fun podcast! Good to see that the audio streaming worked fine this time.

30-Oct-08 05:47 PM

Mark T    Said...


Finally my tummy is back to normal...

Check out Vladimir Cosma's L'Usine Desaffetcee or anything else from the Diva soundtrack and remember this was from 1981 - PS the film is great!


Mark T

30-Oct-08 07:08 PM

www.soundclick.com/GuruOne    Said...

(TMI @ Mark ... but good news ... we don't want the podcast goin' into the toilet :P)

The pressure is ON @ Asiohead


#1 hit by next Wed plz



(btw, GuruOne is my fav. soundtrack composer.... ;)

31-Oct-08 02:27 AM

DBM    Said...

First I have to say the cv face twitching is ...well silly , however this guy and others is on to what Moog, Smith ,Bucla have spoken of ...whats next in synthesizer interface because lets face it keys are archaic .

31-Oct-08 03:27 AM

Benedict Johnson http://www.myspace.com/weaponexmusic    Said...

I would be there for the live broadcast if I could! I was there for the hundredth episode, but for some reason the chatroom application wouldn't work with my macbook, and if I can't interact, I might as well be listening to the podcast :(

Y'know, hearing you talking about writing & composition technique etc got me thinking - I wish you'd do a Composition Special. It'd be great if every member of the SonicChatPodCast (or SCPC) (or "Spice") gang submitted one track they'd made themselves, for discussion.

I've listened to the lots of these podcasts and I never realized that Nick Batt was the producer on a Goldfrapp record! Or indeed, what else he might have produced? Or what anyone has done.. This is what I have pieced together: Dave Spiers: easy, always turning up in Soniclab videos talking about synths (works at GForce) Mark Tinley: producer for Duran Duran Rich Hilton: keyboard player for Chic Korea PJ Tracy: something to do with Ant&Deck, a 50s detective and a studio? Hans Noneric: drum machine guy who makes Musotalk video podcasts (but in german) (what ever happened to him?) Perhaps you wouldn't mind filling in the blanks.. cheers

31-Oct-08 08:01 PM

Benedict Johnson http://www.myspace.com/weaponexmusic    Said...

PS - if your talking about film composers, you've got to include Alan Silvestri!

31-Oct-08 08:04 PM

Nick B    Said...

Benedict, a nice idea. I dont do much composition myself, most of my creative stuff goes into Sonic these days but perhaps the other chaps might be more qualified.

I'd also just like to mention that I wouldnt like to take credit for goldfrapp production, I was in on a number of the sessions and perhaps assistant might be applicable in some cases, but my role was more of a programmer, arranger and occasional sounding board.

03-Nov-08 12:46 PM

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