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This ProTools 8 release is really generating a lot of interest. But unless you are one of the lucky Beta testers, you'll have to wait until mid December to get your hands on the LE or HD versions, but one thing is clear, a lot of effort has gone into making this a compositional environment as well as being the standard tracking package. Now obviously, with a totally new GUI and a whole load of new features, it remains to be seen as to whether the existing users will still be able to fly around without stuff in their way or if new users will be banging out new tunes with great ease. We hope to get it in for testing as soon as possible. In the mean time, please enjoy this compact feature run through from Dave Gould of Digidesign UK. Nick Batt


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Bp    Said...

WoW I cant wait....Im going too drop what ever im doing for the next week the day it comes out!!! Pro tools is in its own lane its a must too learn it even if its not your main sequencer....Because its a industry standerd Period

11-Nov-08 10:22 PM

BeatriceD    Said...

Every single one of those "new" features has been available for some time in Logic Pro 8. Pro Tools 8 arrives 18 months too late and costs considerably more. Heaven knows why they maintain their market position. Cutting edge it is not.

13-Nov-08 07:48 PM

Nick B    Said...

yeah I guess, but Logic doesn't offer every single one of ProTools features that have been in there for quite some time.

Logic majors on the compostitional and arrangement side whereas ProTools has traditionally been weaker in those areas, but very strong in the audio editing, mix and tracking.

(I'm a Logic user btw)

14-Nov-08 03:28 PM

John M    Said...

Pro Tools does not cost "considerably more" than Logic. Logic does come with more instruments and plug-ins, but (a) that is changing a bit with PT8 and (b) third party plug-ins are usually better than the freebies, anyway. And that's ignoring the higher cost of Macintosh computers.

Besides, it's rather silly to focus on the DAW software cost because it's a fraction of what you will pay for a fully-working studio. I've spent far more on cables, alone, than the price of PT or Logic.

However, Logic is a great deal for Mac users who don't care about trading files with Pro Tools users. (Moving songs between systems is painful!)

BTW, I use Pro Tools with Waves, PSP, IK, and other plugs. And I love Macs.

P.S. The camerawork in this video is dizzying.

14-Nov-08 08:35 PM

Tony    Said...

I'll still take FL Studio over PT for composition any day.

19-Nov-08 08:19 PM

Pedro    Said...

2 words. Delay compensation. Logic wins again.

23-Nov-08 08:25 AM

J.K.    Said...

Logic never wins on nothing. According to thousand of users the best sequencer currently available is Cubase 4. It has every imaginable feature of what logic has, and it has audio editing and recording features as good as protools. Most big postproduction facilities either go for protools or nuendo (which is basicly a cubase with the same engine but with much more different video formats support). The only way someone would buy logic would be that he/she already has a mac. (well also one might buy logic because everybody else does so!)

03-Dec-08 06:59 PM

Gavin May    Said...

True! Protools seems to be collecting its new feature from the best out there. Look at the piano roll and midi editor window. Its the exact midi editor found in Cubase since ages. Even the CC parameter lanes are the same.

Apart from that Protools also "borrowed" its new automation lane idea directly from Cubase.

This shows who excels at both midi editing AND audio editing apart from Protools..

Logic is good too, but its EXTREMELY overrated. Cubase was once a bit behind the game in MIDI lane. However, with the introduction of version 4 it has added perfect bussing options, perfect plugins, VST3 standard where it reduces CPU load when there is not audio passing through an effect. Editing audio in Cubase is a breeze, creating fades, doing non-destructive OR desctructive editing is just a few mouse clicks and you don't even need to change tools for simple things like fade in's out's..Drum editing is breeze, hitpoint detection, quantizing drums just like in protools etc etc etc..

03-Dec-08 07:10 PM

Nuno    Said...

Elastic audio : Already in Cubase (as audio warp), not in logic

Take Lane view : Already in Cubase (Lanes view), anything like that in logic? maybe in 8?

Midi roll window: Already in Cubase

Ability to pitch audio up/down on fly: Already in cubase since version sx 3, logic? I don't think so...

Rating system of takes: Protools excelled here! very useful in practical usage, full points!

03-Dec-08 07:22 PM

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