Korg Ship nanoSERIES Controllers

Space-saving yet full-featured controllers for computer musicians now in stores      14/11/08
Korg Ship nanoSERIES Controllers

Korg tell us that they are now shipping three products in the new nanoSERIES of slimline USB-powered controllers. Here's all the details from their press release.
The intuitive nanoKEY, nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL offer advanced functionality combined with Korg's renowned reliability in a choice of compact control surfaces. Specifically designed for musicians who need the power of a professional controller, the nanoSeries easily fits on top of a workstation, in front of a laptop, on a recording console or anywhere else users need control over their DAW, virtual instruments/effects or DJ software.
At 12.6" W x 3.27" D x 0.55" H and 0.49 lbs., the 25-key velocity-sensitive nanoKEY is a MIDI keyboard controller that provides a great feel and maximum expressivity in an ultra-compact package. The keys can be set to send MIDI control data, via the CC MODE button, for control over any MIDI assignable parameters within the software being used. An Octave Shift up/down function yields immediate access to the entire MIDI note range, and Pitch up/down and Modulation buttons offer even greater expressivity.
The highly responsive nanoPAD drum pad controller is equipped with 12 velocity-sensitive trigger pads that offer unsurpassed power. The pads can send both note and MIDI CC data, while an X/Y pad delivers real-time control of roll and flam timing and dynamics. A new Chord Trigger function lets the user enter chords onto a single pad. The X/Y pad can also send MIDI control change messages, making it ideal for controlling functions such as pitch and volume. At only 12.6" W x 3.23" D x 0.65" H and 0.73 lbs., the nanoPAD's compact footprint enhances its appeal.
The nanoKONTROL features nine faders, nine knobs, 18 switches and a full transport section for maximum control in a space-effective package (12.6" W x 3.23" D x 1.16" H and 0.64 lbs.). With four programmable scenes, the nanoKONTROL can transmit a total of 168 different MIDI control change messages, as well as MIDI notes via the switches. The six transport buttons can each transmit either MIDI control change or MIDI Machine Control data to control functions such as start, stop, loop or record on DAW software. Attack and decay times can also be specified for the 18 switches, enabling the user to smoothly feed controller messages to parameters that require a range of multiple values such as effect wet/dry level, synth filter or volume fader.
Korg is offering added value to nanoSERIES purchasers with complementary software. The nanoKEY includes a download code for the full version of Korg's M1Le software, which faithfully recreates the legendary Korg M1 Music Workstation, the product that first defined the music workstation category and redefined music making. An affordable upgrade path to the Korg Legacy Digital Edition software suite is also available, containing an expanded version of the M1 as well as the WaveStation and 19 MDEX effects. The nanoPAD comes with a download code for Toontrack's EZdrummer® Lite, offering realistic and highly responsive drums in a convenient plug-in. A specially priced upgrade to the full version is also available. The nanoKONTROL includes a discount coupon for Ableton Live recording software. "KORG KONTROL Editor" software, downloadable free of charge from the Korg website provides nanoSeries users with even greater control.
Pricing and Availability:
The new nanoKEY, nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL are now available with a U.S. MSRP of $62.00 for nanoKEY and $72.00 for nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL.
More information:
  • www.korg.com


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    tb    Said...

    it's been shipping for more than a month (got mine 30 days ago)

    14-Nov-08 10:29 AM

    Nick B    Said...

    Whereabouts are you? I dont think they have been shipping everywhere.

    What do you think of them?

    14-Nov-08 03:21 PM

    Howling Terror    Said...

    ..yeah what the nanopad like?

    14-Nov-08 07:25 PM

    Nanopad Fan Club's #1 Fan    Said...

    I spoke to Korg two weeks ago and it wasn't shipping yet, nor would they give me a release date. This is the first widespread release.

    15-Nov-08 10:42 AM

    weaponEX    Said...

    I see no reason to own the padkontol any more with one of those little beauties, which could just sit astride my midi controller, quietly occupying on extra desk-state! I hope that VERY short USB cable isn't vital!

    17-Nov-08 12:53 AM

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