Portable VSTi Player Ships Now

SM Pro Audio V-Machine: Stable, portable and easy to use      20/11/08
Portable VSTi Player Ships Now

External hardware host for Windows plugins (VST instruments and effects)
Banks, presets (incl. chaining, layering, splitting) can be edited with the V-Machine or the host software
Create synth layers and chain them with effects
Connect nearly every MIDI-Controller to the V-Machine
Multiple VSTi's can be combined
MIDI learn functions included
All effect and synth chains can be switched latency free
USB-Ports for external peripherals
Use software samplers and stream its content from any USB drive
sensor to adjust the display's contrast automatically
I must confess I got quite excited about the VSTi playing little black box when we spotted it a MESSE earlier in the year. The size, price and capabilities piqued my interest. Since then it's been quiet, presumably SM Pro Audio knuckling down to deliver the technology as a workable production model. Originally called the V-Box, the V-Machine as it is now titled has stereo I/O, MIDI in and three USB connections for host, MIDI and storage connections – so you can hook up your sample library on an external USB drive. At $599, it still seems like quite a good deal, although the specifications of the computer under the hood shows that it may not be able to deal with the most demanding applications: 1gHZ with 512MB of RAM and a 1GB flash disc. The internal structure allows four channels, each with 3 slots for instruments, plus an additional two effects slots. Each channel slot can hold a plug-in of some kind so you can layer up instruments or split etc with each effect slot able to run up to three plugs. The V-Machine comes with a bunch of pre-installed plugs (see below), but one of the issues with any plug-in player is the question of authorization. That is, any plugs or instruments that require a dongle or some kind of authorization process will need to have some kind of workaround. There is little in the information provided to shed any light on this thorny area, but I'm sure it will be forthcoming. All in all this looks like it could really help bridge the gap between the studio computer and the live setup, allowing the player to access some of their favourite instruments without needing to take the whole kit and caboodle on the road. The key is going to be what software you can run on it, in addition to the plugs that come pre-installed. Shipping now priced at $599 US


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Antonio Sage    Said...

Having this technology available at this price would really make me think twice before purchasing a brand new "decked out" Workstation. I cannot wait to buy this one and the pedal when it comes out!

Provided, the whole world economy does not come crashing down in a way that would impede future sofware updates of course :)

20-Nov-08 12:43 PM

GOD    Said...

Indeed. Death to Receptor, death to Gay-V-R ;)

A good day

20-Nov-08 08:07 PM

Ron-E    Said...

Hopefully this affordable vsti-to-box will set the platform for things to come. Its about time live players can take vst's and vsti's on a gig without a laptop or the more expensive alternatives.

Props to SM Audio!

23-Nov-08 03:04 PM

Tgalf    Said...

Your not going to do an awful lot with the 512mb ram and 1ghz processor. Probably best suited to run with the installed apps and maybe run a single VST at a time of a more powerful sample player.

There much more powerful laptops with 12/14/15 inch screen at around the same cost that will be better suited to playing VST's and do a couple of other things as well.

But the concept is real. Cannot imagine why they restricted the memory to 512mb RAM since this is where the response comes in.

25-Nov-08 03:40 PM

flux302    Said...

I agree with tgalf also wouldn't the pulgiator be a better deal? I gotta say I feel like alot of these companies are overcharging for products that should be no where near this expensive. sure it may seem like a good value compared to others but really is it? come on for a box thats basically a cheap outdated pc in a small box with I/O's come on. booooo! shame on receptor too the prices for these simple products is ridiculous.

07-Dec-08 09:19 PM

Brian    Said...

PCs sell in the millions, thus they can be priced very low. The V-Machine will sell a few thousand at best so it has to be a bit more expensive. I am also surprised at the low horsepower, though that may be a cost issue as well. While boxes like this look good on paper, they will become as obsolete as quickly as computers do (i.e. unable to run current newer plugins that require more powerful hardware).

10-Dec-08 09:23 AM

oscar garcia    Said...

Muy ,pero muy caro,100 to 200 dolares es el precio justo que yo pagaria por este producto ,es mas barato y mucho mejor una Laptop .

10-Oct-12 02:36 PM

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