Producers Past: Rupert Hine

The Setup - it's an 80's thing      29/12/08

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Some nice synth work on this one - I dont remember it at all, sounds a lot like Bowie and I'm not sure which one is Hine, but here's what it says on Youtube (via eiffe). Rupert Neville Hine (born 1948 in London) is an English musician and also a prolific producer in the synth pop era, helming albums by Kevin Ayers, Tina Turner, Howard Jones, Saga, The Fixx, Bob Geldof, Thompson Twins, Stevie Nicks, Chris de Burgh, Suzanne Vega, Rush, Duncan Sheik, and Eleanor McEvoy amongst many others. He has produced over 100 albums in total, many featuring songs written for and with the artists in question. He has also made several solo albums in an avantgarde synth-pop style, most notably Immunity (1981), The Wildest Wish to Fly (1983) and Waving Not Drowning (1982), where this song is from


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