WNAMM09: Access Virus TI2

Virus TI2 availability announced and OS3 Public Beta made available for download      15/01/09
WNAMM09: Access Virus TI2

Access have announced the immediate availability of the Virus TI2 series. Here's the rest of their press statement...
The successor of the acclaimed range of totally integrated synthesizers adds 25% more calculating power and sports a redesigned housing and front panel. We also used new materials to bring down the weight of the keyboard versions. On the software side of things, a major feature update, OS3, will be available by the time you read this. The new operating system adds several new FX such as a Tape Delay, Frequency Shifter and several new Distortion algorithms along with a new feature called Character. Character allows you to adjust the overall tone of a preset reminiscent of several vintage and well-known synthesizers. In addition you can emphasis certain aspects of the patch to allow it to cut better through the mix, or fade it into the background with an extra-wide stereo field.
The new distortions were built from scratch and feature an extreme dynamic range along with sophisticated controls to tailor the sound to your specific needs. They can add everything from warm, tube-like overtones to complete sonic deconstruction more reminiscent of circuit-bending. The new algorithms also include a revamped bit and sampling-rate reduction, allowing you to change the quality and cutoff point with precise, continuously variable control.
The stereo Frequency Shifter and the new Ring Modulator are state of the art algorithms modelled with old '70s stomp boxes in mind.
The Tape Delay goes way beyond the possibilities of the real Tape Delays in the '60s and '70s. It smoothly syncs to tempo, lets you decide if a Doppler effect takes place when changing the tempo, and even switching the delay time between presets is all smooth, making it perfect for performers. Last but not least, a modification to the main "VCA" algorithm enables OS3 users to design gating FX known from electro and minimal influenced music.
Virus Control has received a completely redesigned user-interface thanks to various improvement requests over the last years. The plug-in now features a side chain input allowing you to mangle audio from a sequencer track with the FX and sound engine of the hardware Virus (for selected hosts only). The best news, however, is that OS3 is compatible with all legacy Virus TIs and the Virus TI Snow, thus enabling Access' vast user base to update their existing instruments with all the new software features totally free of charge.
The Virus TI2, which comes in the following flavours
  • Virus TI2 Desktop 19" desktop synthesizer with wooden front application.
  • Virus TI2 Keyboard 61 keys (semi weighted) keyboard model with wooden side panels.
  • Virus TI2 Polar 37 keys (synth action) keyboard model with alloy and wooden side panels.
Pricing and Availability:
OS3 will be available immediately. The Virus TI2 will also be available shortly after NAMM.
More information:
  • access-music.de

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    Cerebral Infect    Said...

    Unfortunately, the press release doesn't mention if the Ti original USB1.0 port has been upgrade to a USB2.0 port so the synth could stream more audio channels from/to a DAW.

    USB1.0 is so 1997...

    15-Jan-09 12:17 PM

    SekondThought    Said...

    You're not going to want to hear this, but the PDF file from them says it's still USB 1.1, sadly...so not quite so new and powerful after all.

    15-Jan-09 12:35 PM

    fizmo    Said...

    accessmusic.de not access.de

    15-Jan-09 01:37 PM

    fizmo    Said...

    accessmusic.de not access.de

    15-Jan-09 01:37 PM

    Timo @ Infekted    Said...

    Check out our site and forums for more info/discussion!


    BTW, Access' site is:


    15-Jan-09 03:51 PM

    selercs    Said...

    From ACCESS website: "Compatible with USB 2.0 specifications, USB and High-Speed USB devices."

    i hate when people give false info.

    18-Mar-09 12:01 AM

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