WNAMM09: Clip On And Tune Up

Korg introduces the AW-2 AND AW-2G clip-on chromatic tuners      15/01/09

WNAMM09: Clip On And Tune Up

Korg has introduced the AW-2 and AW-2G clip-on chromatic tuners. They say that clip-type tuners have proven popular with musicians of wide-ranging genres for their superb functionality and convenience, and the AW-2 and AW-2G models offer significant improvements, adding enhanced flexibility, visibility and tuner sensitivity over previous clip-on models. Here's all the details directly from Korg:
The AW-2 includes two clips (large and small) with a propriety design to accommodate a variety of concert band and orchestral instruments with different tuning "sweet spot" locations. The AW-2G comes with an adjustable-angle clip pad that is optimized for attaching securely to all guitar headstocks or other flat instrument surfaces. The AW-2G's display can be moved to either side of the clip, and when positioned behind the headstock, will not be visible to an audience.
Both tuners' double ball-joint allows multi-angle positioning with far greater mobility for the display section, allowing stress-free tuning even in the most unique positions. An internal backlight ensures excellent visibility, even on a dimly lit stage, and the backlight can be switched between Soft mode for low illumination and the high-brightness Auto mode, or turned off for well-lit situations. The energy-saving Auto mode automatically switches to the low-power Soft mode when no sound is present.
The AW-2 and AW-2G each have a tuning range of A0 to C8 and a full complement of solid tuning functionality. Special markings indicate pure major third and minor third intervals for authentic consonance. The Calibration function accommodates a variety of concert pitches. Users can select either the internal mic or the vibration-sensing Piezo sensor for optimum response, which ensures stable tuning even in a noisy environment. A Meter Reverse function allows tuning from any viewing angle. The tuners are powered by a widely available CR2032-type lithium battery, and with the backlight off, the battery life is an amazing 150 hours. Auto Power Off maximizes the battery life and a Memory Backup function is also included.
Korg AW-2 and AW-2G Clip-On Chromatic Tuner Specifications:
  • Scale: 12-note equal temperament
  • Tuning Range: A0 (27.50 Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz)
  • Precision: +/- 1 cent
  • Reference pitch: 410...480Hz (1 Hz steps)
  • Dimensions: 2.28" (58 mm) W x 1.02" (26 mm) D x 0.55" (12.6 mm) H
  • Battery life: 150 hours backlight unlit; 75 hours backlight soft; 20 hours backlight auto
  • Included items: CR2032 lithium battery (3V), Instrument clip(s)
Pricing and Availability:
The Korg AW-2 and AW-2G Clip-On Chromatic Tuners will be available spring 2009 with U.S. MSRPs as follows: $75.00 for the AW-2 and $65.00 for the AW-2G. More information:

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