WNAMM09: Fantom-G Brass

Roland announces the ARX-3 Expansion Board      16/01/09
WNAMM09: Fantom-G Brass

Roland has announced the new ARX-03 "Brass" Expansion Board for the Fantom-G Series. This new Expansion Board joins the ARX-01 "Drums" and ARX-02 "Electric Piano" boards. Here's what Roland have to say: Each ARX board is a dedicated application with its own processor, graphics, and DSP, powered by Roland's proprietary SuperNATURAL" sound technology for organic, emotional expression.
The ARX-03 "Brass" Expansion Board puts a world of authentic and distinctive brass instruments at a producer's fingertips including trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones, and saxophones. Whether composing for a solo instrument or a brass sextet, the ARX-03 enables the musician to customise every sound and nuance of the performance with the power of a custom graphic-editing interface and dedicated engine.
Optimized effects and custom graphic interfaces are exclusive to each ARX board. ARX allows musicians to create ultra-realistic instruments with the highest-quality sounds and organic, natural control.
Pricing and Availability:
The ARX-03 expansion is scheduled to be available in March, 2009. More information:
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    tronic307    Said...

    Three ARX cards, TWO slots. Brilliant, Roland.

    16-Jan-09 02:05 PM

    Parsifal    Said...

    There were 12 SRX cards and only 2/4/6 slots on SRX-compatible devices... maybe a future G-module will have more ARX slots.

    17-Jan-09 05:48 AM

    TheF    Said...

    Korg M3 Expanded. Extra Brass in extra quality 4 free. Ofkoz no dsp,no additional hardware but.. U really need additional dsp and hardware? Polyphony.. ofkoz. BUT large mix required PC 4 record/mix/master etc. So, extended polyphony isn't neccesary 4 this job. I can't understand Roland politics, but I respect they 4 warm roland-sound :)

    17-Jan-09 07:08 AM

    Matt    Said...

    C'mon folks, bring something new now. Like the V-Piano as an ARX board or so. Who wants a brass board. We've had brass boards for the 2080, then for the 5080, now for the Fantom. They all sound the same. HiFi, too bright, not useful on productions in the context with other sounds. Change your politics Roland! We want new sounds and much easier handling of your gear. Your stuff is way too comlicated.

    18-Jan-09 08:45 AM

    Keyboard Pro    Said...

    The Fantom G has 2 slots? Where does this board go? I knew the FanG was a ginnie pig board! I'll wait on the Fantom GX.. Maybe it will come with 6 slots...

    ARX-04 SuperNatural Organs??? I wait patiently...

    22-Jan-09 06:38 AM

    selercs    Said...

    i think the arx boards are too expensive considering the base board price is expensive enough.

    also, i am not into EPs and Brass. i was hoping roland would release a virtual jupiter 8 on arx. now that's what i think will boost roland sales.

    i think 2 arx slots is enough, but with more options...more slots will be good, but then reduce the arx price.


    02-Feb-09 07:08 PM

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