WNAMM09: Cubase 5 Demo

An Extensive Tour Of The New Features      17/01/09

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16:30 mins
Yep, a full extensive insight into Cubase V5 including new creative and mix tools. Get a load of the Loop Mash, for instance. An 8 channel loop player that acts (as Nick puts it) like a mix 'n' match REX player. Bring it on!

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  • Cubase at Steinberg

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    Ben    Said...

    This is just awesome!

    17-Jan-09 12:12 PM

    Obama    Said...

    Actually very very cool!

    17-Jan-09 12:55 PM

    huigui    Said...

    Has the audio Pitch & Warp feature been licensed from Celemony? It's interface & feature set is virtually a clone of Melodyne's.

    17-Jan-09 07:27 PM

    imaginadrday    Said...

    huigui , it's based on yamaha previous pitch plugin.

    17-Jan-09 11:31 PM

    huigui    Said...


    I think you're referring to the real-time PitchCorrect VST plugin - that does indeed look like it's based on the Yamaha Pitch Fix plugin from a few years ago.

    I was commenting on the monophonic VariAudio feature in the audio editor - it looks and behaves just like Melodyne. I'm wondering if it's using code licensed from Celemony, or if it's a newly developed pitch editor that's taken quite a few visual cues from Melodyne's interface.

    18-Jan-09 04:14 AM

    Jonathan    Said...

    can't believe the rip off upgrade price from my SX2........ time to ditch cubase i think

    18-Jan-09 03:34 PM

    NIK    Said...

    Although the new stuff appears fairly cool for newcomers to Cubase, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of improving the actual base program. For anybody with Cubase and a full set of 3rd party plug-ins there seems to be very little reason to upgrade. Whatever happened to basic performace and stability improvements? Making workflow more streamlined/user friendly/faster etc? May not be too glamorous but for anybody that runs a multitude of hardware and software products within Cubase it must be top of the list. I run Novation's ReMote Zero SL and Alphatrack (one for soft synths and the other for automation), however Cubase can't run both at once. How about sorting out stuff like that Steinberg?, instead of giving me another monophonic Melodyne to sit next to my existing one (just before Celemony upgrade to polyphonic!!!) WHY!

    18-Jan-09 04:42 PM

    jason    Said...

    splitting an audio track into midi isn't exactly revolutionary - ableton did it over a year ago with live 7's slice to midi...

    nothing there would make me buy cubase.

    19-Jan-09 08:57 AM

    WRK Rigon    Said...

    Have to agree with NIK, looks to have some great features but they don't seem to have addressed problems with some software and hardware integrations that people still suffer from. Maybe i'm wrong, guess we'll have to wait and see.

    20-Jan-09 02:24 AM

    robgs    Said...

    Hmm, rather have cheesy potato mash myself

    20-Jan-09 12:15 PM

    Chris    Said...

    I like his hair

    21-Jan-09 11:54 AM

    hausboy    Said...

    Sounds like Cubase 5 is all I need. All I need is Reason 4 or 5 when it comes out & Ableton Live 8.

    23-Jan-09 05:12 PM

    laul    Said...

    The loopmash thing looks awful and dull. The percussion sample player looks fine but unexciting. "Think about it... you could make a midi performance of an audio drum track." All im thinking is 'Did i slip into a parallel universe where recycle was never released?' I've been using cubase for a long time but im wondering if its time to call it a day.

    30-Jan-09 03:12 PM

    Sergey Aldosev    Said...

    So, where's news!? IR-reverb? Loopmasher?Individual Tracks export?! It should be in previous versions... No news at all.

    02-Feb-09 09:34 AM

    dan    Said...

    I agree the price up from SX 2 is way to steep for being a loyal user. I already have a set of 3rd party plugs that are better then these native insert VST's. $100 off retail(or $399) for the upgrade is joke for workflow improvements and many hundreds invested to get to SX. evrything they are selling is covered in my waves bundle and Native instruments synth Sampler investments. Lower the price and I'll update!

    05-Apr-09 06:43 PM

    hue    Said...

    Variaudio does look like Melodyne.

    Cubase was my original DAW now I'm using ProTools. I'm questioning whether or not that was a mistake now. Ideally, I'd like to use both.

    The thing that struck me is: Somebody shoot that singer for butchering a classic Led Zeppelin tune.

    03-Jun-09 12:57 PM

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